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The Story Of God Krishna's Birth What Is God Krishna Janmashtami And Why Is It Celebrating 2022

 The Story Of Krishna's Birth 

What Is Krishna Janmashtami And Why Is It Celebrated 2022

      Mathura is a district headquarters in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Where Shri Krishna was born. That place was the prison of King Kansh of Mathura.

     Gokul is a town and in the Mathura district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This town is 15 km away from Mathura. Located in the south-east. According to Hindu mythology, the incarnation of Vishnu, Krishna's childhood was spent here.

     King Kansh of Mathura was the elder brother of his sister Devaki. Thousands of years ago today, at the end of the many years before and the beginning of the Draper Age, there was a very sinful demon named Kansa who was doing evil deeds. She had a beautiful sister named Devaki. Devaki was getting married to Vasudev. The whole town of Mathura was very well decorated. When the time came to turn Devaki into father-in-law, Bhai Kanse said that I would go to put Devaki to father-in-law myself. Kansh Devaki and Vasudev are going to put Devaki and Vasudev in the chariot in the chariot and there is lightning in the sky and then there is a voice from the sky that the eighth son of that stupid Kansh Devaki will be the cause of your death. On hearing this, Kansh got angry and started bothering Vasudev and sister Devaki who became very angry. And both of them came back to the palace and said that I will kill you at this moment and prove Sky's speak a liar. He raised his sword to kill his sister Devaki. 

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Then Vasudev stopped Kansh and said, "O Kansh, you are a king. No matter what, Devaki is called your sister, and do not commit the sin of killing a woman and killing her. Please let Devaki live. I promise to you I will give you all my children when they will birth." I will give it to you. Hearing this, Kansh locked sister Devaki and her husband Vasudev in jail. In time, Devaki gave birth to a beautiful child, so Vasudeva took the child and came to King Kansh and handed over the child to Kansh and said, "Hey Kansh, we have come to deliver this first child of Devaki as per my promise." Kansh said: Hey dear Vasudev! This is the first child. I want to take the eighth son of my killer Devaki. Take this back. Vasudev said that as per your order Maharaj Kansh Vasudev took the child back to the jail. The angel Naaradamuni came there and said to Kansha, "Hey Kansha, what are you doing this? You don't know that every child born to Devaki is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu." Why did you let him go After saying this, Naradamuni disappeared. Hearing this, Kansha immediately went to jail and snatched Devaki's son and threw him in the rock, and killed the child. This was just the beginning before he imprisoned his father Ugrasen and seized his kingdom. Also, Kansh invaded and occupied other states. Kansh had now become more powerful. Devaki and Vasudev were weeping when they saw Kansha's work. In this way, all the children of Devaki were killed. At one point in the day, Devaki went to a lake to fetch water under the pretext of fetching water. She was sitting under a tree by the lake near the place, crying. Then a beautiful woman named Yashoda came there and lovingly asked Devaki - why are you crying like this. Show me why you are crying. Then the sad Devaki said to Yashoda - O sister, my elder brother Kansa, who is accustomed to ugly deeds, has killed all my sons born so far. At this time the eighth son is taking shape in my womb, he will kill him too. There is no doubt about this. Because he is afraid that my eighth son will destroy him. Listening to Devaki, Yashoda said - Oh sister, don't worry. I am also pregnant. If I give birth to a girl, you can take my girl instead of your boy. That way your son will not die at the hands of Kansa. But now the bad times have passed and the darkness is gone and the time has come to spread the light. 

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Signs of Lord Vishnu's birth began to appear ॰ and Devaki's face began to show signs of radiance. This could not be secreted by Kansha. Because such a glow was never seen on Devaki's face.  Kanshe asked his janitor where is Devaki? She was nowhere to be seen here. Then the gatekeeper said - Maharaj, your sister has gone to fetch water in the lake. Kans then angrily slapped Darpal and even sent him behind Devaki. The doorman asked Devaki why he had come here. "There was no water in my house so I have come here to fetch water," Devaki said. With that, he ran to her home. Kanshe told the gatekeeper to protect my sister Devaki here because Devaki had an eighth son to come who was to kill Kanshe. So Kansh got more and more scared. He told the gatekeeper to as soon as inform me when Devaki give birth to her as soon as the eighth son. 

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    Sister Devaki and her husband Vasudev were both in jail under supervision. Because Kansha was afraid that even at that time Lord Vishnu came to earth. But in the end, Devaki gave birth to a beautiful baby. Devaki and Vasudev were amazed to see him. And both of them joined hands and bowed to the divine child. And Vasudeva said, O Lord, you are born to protect the earth, but as soon as you know kansh the meaning of your birth, He will take your life. Devaki said, O God, protect me but do not come against Kansha in such a divine form.  I urge you to assume a modest form. Then the child said, "Dear parents, your days of grief are over now. Mother Earth has borne the brunt of the demons and I was born to destroy them."  And this has taken shape. O Father Vasudeva, prepare me to take your friend Nanda there. Saying this, Lord Vishnu disappeared. And that baby started to look like any other normal baby. It was very dark at night and it was raining very hard. In the pouring rain Devaki’s friend Yashoda goes to drop off her baby there and fetch Yashoda’s baby born there but how to get out is guarded by guards and soldiers. And the miracle happened. But who has been able to withstand God's miraculous power? All the guards suddenly fell into a deep sleep and put the soldiers into a deep sleep as well. See the amazing power of God. The prison doors also opened automatically. Devaki and Vasudev were released. Devaki's husband Vasudev saw that the prison doors were open and the soldiers and guards were fast asleep. Soon he put the baby Krishna in a basket to sleep and slowly started walking towards Raja Nanda's palace Vasudev started walking Raja's palace the river was flooded on the way. "I have to cross this river to go to Gokul," Vasudev said. Oh God show me away and immediately there was a flash. The river is divided into two parts and becomes a middle ground. On the other side were the king and his waiting. Queen Yashoda gave her daughter to Vasudeva and took the child Krishna with her. Vasudev went back and returned to the jail. The two were re-bound together by the bond of the chain. The son changed and put the daughter next to Devaki. The gatekeeper woke up and know that Devaki had given birth to a child in the jail and said that I should report this to Raja Kansh. He went to Kansh and said that Kansh Maharaj had given birth to a child for Devaki in the jail. King Kansha found out that Devaki had given birth to her eighth child so he immediately went to Devaki in jail and snatched the child from Devaki's lap and threw him hard on the ground to kill the child but suddenly there came a sound that the stupid killer Kansh Have killed many Innocent children.

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      The child who will kill you has been born in Gokul and he will destroy you at a certain time, so do not interfere in the statement of wisdom and the girl has disappeared. Kansha was horrified and started thinking that even if I killed my sister Devaki's eighth child, the person who would kill me could happen karma that the child has born in Gokul. Kansh immediately called his demon friends. The demon friends said what is the matter with Kansh's friend thus suddenly called us. Kash said I am scared I have failed to destroy my enemy. My slayer has already been born, so you show me the way. And the demon friends said to kill all the children of the surrounding village. But who will do this work? The demon friends said that your sister Putna. Kansh said Putna could do the job. Who will let you come to your children? (Putna's appearance was like a monster) So Putna's dialect Maharaj Kansh did you forget about my power ?. Saying this, Putna took the form of a beautiful woman. So Kansh said that now I have full confidence that only you can do this job. Go to Putna, go to Gokul, destroy my enemy and give me the good news soon. Kansha's demon friends were planning to kill Krishna but unaware of this, Gokul/Vrajavasis were celebrating Krishna's birth.

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As the people of Gokul heard the news of the birth of Lord Krishna, the whole village of Gokul rejoiced. All the people of Gokul started singing with joy that Nand Gher Anand Bhayo Jai Kanaiyalalki .... Nand Gher Anand Bhayo Jai Kanaiyalalki .... Nand Gher Anand Bhayo Jai Kanaiyalalki .... Joy spread all over Gokul. Early in the morning, crowds of women and children and Gokul people were gathering near Nandaraja's house. All the people of Gokul came to the house of Nanda Raja and became anxious to see Lord Balakrishna-Sri Krishna-Bal Gopal Krishna-Kanaiya-kaanaa. The face of Lord Krishna, the Lord of the worlds, was very bright. The whole Gokul village had a wonderful glow. The people of Gokul were singing and dancing songs of joy in the Gokul of Shri Bal Krishna Gopal, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Some women were throwing butter. All the people of Gokul started congratulating King Nand. There was joy all around. But in the meanwhile, no one was aware of the crisis. This crisis was of Kansha's demonic sister Putna.  There Yashoda told everyone that now let's all go to your respective homes now that Lala has played a lot. Seeing Putna there, Yasoda said what do you want Putna said that I have just come and I have not even seen the baby's face. May I stay for a while? Yasoda said yes yes why not but don't wake Lala: let her sleep. Putna says yes, yes, I will not wake up. Don't worry, I'll take care of it. 

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After Yashoda left, Putna said that I would take such care that the child would always fall asleep. Saying this, Balagopal took Krishna Lala away and she speak with feeding her poisoned milk with drink all poisoned will spread in your body and you will always die. Yes... Yes... Yes. Say laugh. But Lala Krishna was a god, he drank Putna's milk under the pretext of drinking Putna's shouts in such a way that Putna started shouting at me, but after drinking milk, Putna sucked Putana to such an extent that Putna died on the spot. The people of Gokul witnessed this incident at sight. And this was the first time I saw the miracle of Krishna's work. There are still many such miracles to be witnessed. At one point, Yashodamata was busy with housework, and Kanaya was put in the shadow of a bullock cart as he was asleep and then Yashoda got busy with her work. He did not know about Krishna's awakening. There Krishna kicked the bullock cart and the bullock cart fell away. The small children standing there have seen own sight this act. One of the people standing there spoke of how such a heavy bullock cart flew into the air. There a child said that I saw that one of Krishna's feet hit the bullock cart and it flew away. The big people standing there said, "What are you talking about, children?" You don't lie. The people of Gokul were shocked by this incident. And Kansha was also surprised to hear this. And when Kansha heard the news of Putna's death, Kansha thought that this child must be Devaki's eighth son. Alone, he ordered another demon, Trishnavadha, to destroy the child. This demon was even smarter and more powerful than Putna It could also blow up heavy objects on the ground in the form of a whirlwind. The people of Gokul had witnessed such a terrible storm for the first time. But the main target of Trishnavadha was Nanda's house. Trishnavadh was moving in the direction of Nand's house. But Yashoda didn't know about this at all. She was doing love to kaushn And he didn't know about the storm But Krishna was aware of this and started doing Krishnalila. Yashoda suddenly feel started gaining weight from her baby,

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 Krishna. Krishna started feeling very heavy. So she put child Krishna to sleep on the ground and started doing household chores. After a while, she came to pick her up and when she saw her, she said in a panic, "Hey!" Where did my baby go? Didn't this whirlwind blow him away? On the other hand, seeing this Krishna fighting against Trushnavadh, Trushnavadh spoke. Why is this child so heavy? Trishnavadha confronts Krishna with any amount of strength but he became helpless in front of Krishna. Trushnavadh felt that I could no longer bear it but Krishna fought against him and weakened him and in the end, Trushnavadh surrendered to death. The storm calmed down in Gokul village. As soon as Yashoda found her child Krishna, she said, "My Lal, I will never leave you alone." Saying this, she was hugging him. Someone from the village spoke. This child seems strange to me because can a child escape from the hands of a demon twice? Another says the truth is you need to have some supernatural power. Seeing such deeds of this child of Nanda, everyone started saying that this child must have some wonderful power. But no one knew that God Himself had incarnated to liberate this village from demons. And the guru of Yadavakul named this child of Nanda as Krishna. And she got this name because of her dark complexion.

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 As time went on, Krishna's storms also increased. Krishna and Balram (Krishna's elder brother) did more than one storm. Then Yashodamata asked why this naughty thing worked. Then Krishna replied, "What have I done? I am still small." But how did Yashoda know that Lord Krishna, the Lord of the universe, had born him there? Krishna's face was so beautiful that everyone had forgiven him as soon as they saw him. Due to which his storms were increasing day by day. Once Krishna's younger friends came to near Yashodama, so Yashodamata said, "Now, what has Kana made a storm?" Yashodamata said. Oh my God, this boy is making some and some storms every day. Yashodamata said, "Where is Kano?" Speaking of which, here you are, you told his friends that now you all go home. Yashodamata said to Kana, Why did you eat the soil that made that new storm today?" Whether Krishna spoke or not, mother, I have not eaten clay, everything is wrong. Yashoda speaks Balram also speaks falsely. Krishna said yes mother I had a quarrel with Balram in the morning so he is lying. Yashoda spoke, so if the clay did not eat, then open the mouth, then Kana opened her mouth a little, that the visioned of the whole creation took place in the mouth of Krishna-Kanaiya-Kana. The whole world saw Krishna's mouth when Yashodamata was amazed to see him. He felt that I was not dreaming but he felt that Krishna is the lord of the entire universe. 

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Once when Yashodamata was feeding Krishna, she suddenly remembered that she had heated the milk as if she had gone to see the milk. So Krishna started crying and in anger, he broke over the butter-filled vessel and get angry walked out. When Yashodamata came and saw, they immediately started looking for Krishna, and Krishna was hiding behind a cot. He grabbed Krishna and brought a rope to tie him with a rope but When the rope was tied, the rope was becoming short. he did not know that Krishna is God. She got tired of bringing ropes and started thinking why this is happening. Despite working hard, there was no success, so Krishna took pity and let Krishna tie the rope. Yashodamata tied a rope to Kana and went to do her housework. But if he stands up without doing anything, he is not called Krishna, called he? Krishna said I have to do some trick to get out of this bondage. Then Krishna got out of there with a bond and walked away and he got stuck between two Arjuna trees and began to strengthen as he was tied with a big iron barrel that could not pass between the two trees. But Krishna exerted so much force that both the Arjuna trees were uprooted and collapsed. As the tree collapsed, they became two men of the tree and bowed to Krishna, and disappeared. The people of Gokul were amazed to see this scene and could not believe their eyes. A man from the villagers said, "I feel as if lightning has struck. Another said, 'I also felt the same way. Look at that tree. Oh, but what is this Krishna doing here?'

 So one of the children said that I saw Krishna break down that tree. What did the other brother say then? No matter what you say, it is impossible for such a small boy to do such a thing. The boys said yes to the tree we saw from our sight and two bright men came out of it and disappeared. Hearing this, a gentleman said that even if everyone does not trust you, I have full faith in your words. Because wherever this little boy goes, some weird things are happening. Then this incident was discussed in the village meeting and some Gokulvasi put forward their idea that all Gokulvasi should leave Gokul and move to Vrindavan. Everyone supported the suggestion. The villagers immediately agreed to leave Gokul village. Sarva prepared to leave the village. All the people left for Vrindavan. They left for Vrindavan with dancing and singing. All household goods were taken in bullock carts. As soon as Vrindavan came, everyone was overjoyed to see the lush green trees, the natural beauty of Govardhan mountain, and the river Yamuna. They all built their own houses and soon the village was established. People resumed their daily activities. Krishna was now seven years old. Once Krishna told Yashodamata that may I go with my friends to graze cows in the seam. Yashoda refused and said no you are still small. So Krishna said that the other cowherd of my age is going, so Nandaraja said to Yashoda that even let him go? Krishna promised me that you will not go further. Krishna said yes I promise yes it will be fun! Some Shepherds were dancing to the tune of Krishna's Morli while some Shepherds were playing. This rule has become of the daily. Many days passed. One day a demon named Vataasur came there in the form of an ox. And seeing that between the others started grazing, Balram said, "Krishna, did you see that black ox between our cows?" What makes it feel different? Krishna said yes I also feel something different. Let's go and see, Krishna said.... we should cover it so that it is not known. Let's go. Krishna Chhanomano went to him, grabbed one of his hind legs and lifted him up, and threw him away. His real form came out and the Vataasura demon died. Seeing this, another herdsman said, "Krishna, if I were in your place, I can't even move one leg of that ox." Seeing this, all the cowherds got courage. Thus every day these cowherds started going to graze cows in another forest. They were amazed to see many such feats of Krishna and when he came home, his parents were amazed when he said this to his parents, and now he is convinced that Shakshat Bhagavan has been born in the form of Krishna.  

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    Now, this had become the routine of the herdsmen. Shepherds played a variety of games to leave for the cows grazing. While playing with the ball of the cowherds, he saw the face of the Adasur python monster There was a demon named Adasur sitting there with his mouth open in the form of a dragon. and a cowherd spoke. Come here, let me show you an interesting thing? Look at this, we will have fun going into it, but the other cowherd said no, no, we will go inside and what if that python closes its mouth? That cowherd spoke, is it Krishna? It will save us what we need. Saying this, all the cowherds went inside. When Krishna saw no sound, he saw that there were no cowherds, so when he saw it, all of them were going to the mouth of the dragon. Krishna shouted and said stand up don't go there but all the cowherds were going inside so the dragon demon said come Krishna come I was waiting for you. I knew that you will come to follow these shepherds who killed my sister Putna and now I will kill you. That is why Krishna went into his mouth and made his body so big that the mouth of the dragon demon burst and he bled and died. Then all the herdsmen came out but they did not know that this work was done by Krishna. Same so many work Krushnas had killed so many Mayavi demons. And Krishna protected all his friends in the same way. Krishna became famous and loved by all his friends. All the children said that Krishna had killed many demons to annoy us when we went to graze cows and on hearing this the villagers became convinced that Krishna must have some divine power. Once all the cowherds went to the bank of a river to graze their cows.There, when some cows drank the water of the river and fall down, Krishna saw it and ran immediately, so the children said that if Krishna drank the water of this river, our cows became unconscious. Another should say yes I have heard that the buds in this river are poisonous snakes. The water of this river must have become poisonous because of its poison. There, the ball fell into the river water from the cowherds playing bat ball. There, the ball fell into the river water from the cowherds playing bat ball. And kansh saw it and ran to the river and said that if the bud snake was in the river, it would surely meet death. The black snake came out immediately and grabbed Krishna and took him to the river. One of the children said that it seems that Krishna has been caught by the snake. I have to inform the villagers. 

He went to the village and was informed about the incident. All of them, including Yashoda, started chanting Kana Kana on the banks of the river. There was a fierce battle between Krishna and the black serpent and finally, Krishna defeated the serpent and subdued it. The serpent's serpents began to plead, "O Krishna, leave our serpent, have mercy on us." So Krushna said, "Okay, leave it on one condition. You leave this river and go to the sea. So these snakes and serpents accepted they're and said like your as your command. " In Yashoda, he hugged Krishna, my Krishna my red. After this incident, the people of Vrindavan started worshiping Krishna. As time passed, once it started raining heavily, the people of Vrindavan started worshipping Indra to calm down the rain, but Krishna said that instead of worshipping Indra, worship Govardhan mountain. Indra Dev got angry and started raining heavily on Vrindavan. The villagers of Vrindavan were not ready for this crisis. In the end, the villagers requested Krishna to save them from this crisis. And Krishna accepted his request. Krishna took all the villagers near Govardhan mountain. And Krishna lifted the Govardhana mountain from the Tachali courtyard. All the villagers were amazed. Krishna told him to come down the mountain. The villagers stayed at the foot of the mountain it rained continuously for seven days. And seeing this, Indradev realized his mistake and he stopped the rain. He apologized to Krishna and forgave Indradev just as He forgives all devotees.

    Kansha immediately got the news of this incident. Kansh suspected that this Krishna must be Devaki's eighth son. Kansh immediately made a plan that I would organize a wrestling match in which my strong wrestlers would defeat Krishna and Balram and finish right there. He has to fight with a powerful elephant with a thousand arm strength before he can wrestle this is the first condition. Krishna came against it. If my elephant crushes it easily, it will surely die. Yes yes yes ....! After deciding this, he sent his man and invited Krishna and Balram to this wrestling competition. Krishna accepted the invitation. And at the appointed time both Krishna and Balram left for Mathura. Kansh was very happy to hear the news of Krishna's arrival. After visiting many places in Mathura, Krishna and Balram reached the place of wrestling. There Kansh kept a bow for the bow sacrifice in the guard. Krishna saw this bow and said that this bow is very beautiful. Is it the same as strong? Balaram said that is why we have to observe it and the demons stopped you as you proceeded to see it. Krishna and Balram destroyed the demons and took the bow in their hands. There the bow was torn in two. Kansha came to know about this and said, "Someone seems to have broken the bow kept in my bow sacrifice. Who can it be?" Kansha was shocked to see the feats performed by these two heroes. He lost sleep. Frightening thoughts began to come. And said that this Krushna has made my life waste. I can't sleep now just let him come one day I will kill him right there in the wrestling arena Your incarnation will end Krushna I am sitting waiting for you. Krushna, the next day all the villagers flocked to the wrestling arena to watch this wrestling. Then Kansha spoke, come, Krishna, come, my wrestlers are ready to crush you, I am waiting for you, yes, yes, yes. When they came there like Krishna, an elephant with a thousand hands with mahout blocked the way  

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But Mahavat laughed and tried to kill both of them. The elephant broke the chariot one foot and tried to kill Krishna and Balarama but Krishna and Balarama broke the ivory with this demonic power and killed him and pushed him to the brink of death. It so happened that both of them seemed to have succumbed to death. But after a while, seeing the villagers coming with both ivory tusks, Kansh said that now both of you will be killed by my wrestlers in wrestling. Krishna and Balarama accepted the challenge. And wrestling began. Kansh sent both his arm strength to fight Krishna and Balram in the wrestling arena. But these Bahubalis did not have the slightest strength against Krishna and Balram. There was fierce wrestling between the four of them and There was fierce wrestling between the four of them and both Bahubalis were killed by Krishna and Balarama. Now Kansh was very angry. He also sent his other wrestlers to the wrestling arena. Krishna and Balarama killed all the Bahubalis and took them to death. Kansh now became very angry and in anger, he ordered his guards to kill Krishna and Balram. To fight against all these guards, Balram was the only one able to reach. And Krishna started fighting against Kansh, Kansha was beaten, Kansh apologized with both hands and Krishna saw Shri Hari Vishnu in that Kansha. And this is how Kansha ended. Ever since Devaki's eighth son found out that he would kill her, he was started harassing the whole people and imprisoned Devaki and Vasudev. 

     Krishna released his parents Devaki and Vasudeva from prison and Kansh's father Ugrasen and other Kansha-afflicted kings. But Krishna had to play an even more important role than this and that is to stay with the Pandavas in the battle of Mahabharata and win the battle against the Kauravas.

Jay Shree Krishna.

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