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How Clear Goal Made Me A Better Person

 How Clear Goal Made Me A Better Person 

     Perseverance is a virtue that adorns the ancient Aryans and Romans, each performs a divine act and achieves victory even in times of crisis.

      Harriet Beecher Stowe says, "Even when you are in a very difficult situation and you  think you can not last a minute and everything seems to be going against you, don't give up." Because at exactly the same time the wheel of fortune will turn again.


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      The world praises a man who is never frightened by contingencies. The man who is confronted with peace, patience, and courage, who dies in his place if need be; Everyone appreciates it.

     Clear goal: always attracts people’s minds. This quality leads to accomplishment and every man praises the one who accomplishes the work.

   In the battle of parties and principles, intelligent men without perseverance are defeated and strong men without intellect is victorious.

    The weak and humble diplomat with the truth party cannot compete against the diligent and chewy diplomat of the false party.  You can’t make an opinion holder by hanging an opinion with a man’s tongue. At the end of any battle of principles his name will not be included in the list of the dead and not even in the list of the wounded; But only on the list of fugitives-lost.

     Times: It was a ragged paper and Walter was its publisher. He always lost in running this letter. Little John Walter was twenty-seven years old at the time, and he begged his father to hand over the entire system of the letter to him. After much deliberation, her father finally accepted the request. Now that young journalists began to intryoduce innovative ideas everywhere to improve that organization. The letter did not have a public opinion and did not have its own independent personality or character. His party was not bound. That adventurous young lord boldly attacked every misdeed and did not even leave it when he saw the government lying in the pit of corruption. So the government stopped printing it and giving it public information. Seeing this, his father became very frightened. It occurred to him that this naughty boy was going to destroy his own and the letter. He rebuked a lot; But he did not shy away from his goal of delivering a great letter to the young world giving them weight, character, personality, and freedom.

    People soon realized that there was an innovative force behind the Times; His articles are written to accomplish work; The rag letter has been filled with new blood, new passion, and new ideas. A man who has the intellect, the power to move forward, and the ability to persevere in his work, the man who can build a new road when the road is not found, such a man stands holding the helm in his hand. Among the innovative elements, he introduced were letters from foreign governments. And it was published in the Times a few days before it appeared in a special government letter, A headline was inserted forever, but the government was angry at the aggressive editor, so letters from foreign governments were blocked and only journalists' private papers were allowed to pass.  Yet this determined young man was not afraid of any obstacles. By spending a lot he hired reporters. He had to endure the opposition in his path, so his determination to succeed became more and more strongly determined. Courage, the power to move forward, and perseverance, these qualities were standing behind the Times and therefore no one had the power to stop his progress. Walter was the soul of the Letter and His personality came to swim even in the smallest things. The best printing press of the time could print only three hundred copies of the Times in an hour, and Walter had to arrange one text type double and triples multiple times. So he started trying to find an innovative trick. In the end, he created a press with seventeen thousand copies print every hour on both sides, known as the Walter Press. E. Q. On November 19, 1914, the first letter printed in a steam-powered press was handed over to the world. Walter had the amazing guts to stick to his work. He does not shy away from any major task he likes and does not Ignore the smallest detail.

   Is life so dear or is peace so sweet that it should be bought at the cost of bondage and slavery?

     O Almighty Lord! burn his mouth. I don't know which way will take other men; But either give freedom or give death.

           I will show my water by any little chance I get.`                                      -Shakespeare

      Seeing God-given opportunities go to waste and stay asleep on heavy pillows full of selfishness without paying attention to it; how much better it is to remove the sorrows of miserable people from the heart than to live such a trivial life. Truth is a soothing and advanced life. How much better it is to endure adversity in the open body than to be intoxicated, to be intoxicated with pleasure, to forget the divine power and the divine goal!                                                                                               -Vhitier

     Even if the goddess of fortune leaves her terrible things to me, But my soul is like a shield that can withstand all blows and is ready for special blows.                               –Dryton

     He is a brave man, he is an intelligent man. Even if the whole city is why not against him, he is not afraid to say what he wants to say.                                                              -Longfellow

There is no first pride in never falling, But there is the first pride in being uplifted whenever we fall.                                                                                                                    -Confucius 

     In Lincoln and Grant had such a strong determination that they did not care about the ridicule of the people and did not miss their goal by the shouts of the people. They had the power to endure condemnation and hatred. There is a strong power in determination and self-confidence. Truth has supreme power and there is great power in the firm belief of knowledge and `Satyamev Jayate.

    A clear goal empowers a person to stick to his goal very firmly and steadfastly. He does not have a need to spread public knowledge of his actions. Because it is his perseverance that makes the public aware of his every action. Due to his determination, he never works any time, but it has become his nature to be constantly engaged in work. It spreads the movement of ultimate adventure and bravery the reason many people fail is because of a lack of perseverance and pragmatism. Thousands of people have achieved spectacular victories by putting strong persistence in place of health, hands, feet, eyes, ears, etc. In fact, many of the greatest deeds in the world have been accomplished with perseverance and diligence. You can never put a person who has these qualities in a vile state.  They will take steps against obstacles. And will climb to the pinnacle of success.

     Garfield used to say that if the power to work hard is not intelligent, then it is Of course the best of the best thing that can meet its needs. In a country like America where there is plenty of opportunities, the victory over poverty and adversity over industry and perseverance is a victory for those who grumble about their misfortunes and for those who are aimless and fickle, and what do they do when the poor get a chance? saying the same enough to embarrass the defenders.

     The one who runs the fastest does not always win the prize. Nothing always wins over a strong man. Sometimes the conditional horse is run over obstacles on the way. They sometimes have to run with heavy loads and so the outcome of the condition is affected. Similarly, even in the condition of life, one does not have to rely on the length of the road alone. The adversity of obstacles, burdens, education, clan, situation, coincidences, etc. should also be taken into consideration. How many young men are burdened with debt, poverty, and the burden of feeding their parents, brothers, sisters, or friends? How many adolescents find it difficult to resist ignorance, adversity, and the ignorance of their parents? How many round boys are ruined by being thrown into a square hole! Since no man has faith; Since there is no man’s provocation, there is no sympathy; And how many young people have been delayed in their path because every fiber of their body is against the work against which every drop of their blood rebels. How many young people have found it difficult to reach their goal due to ignorance and lack of experience! How many young people stumble into their chosen business, stumbling due to lack of early childhood education and education. How many teenagers as they are trained to stand in the shadow of their father's wealth or mother's caress and due to not to be got education self-sufficient  have to walk on support stand horse. How many people become incapable of trying to make a living due to bad habits luxuries, sensual pleasures, and the ruin of life, and how many people become incapable of accomplishing work due to disease, weak body, weak vision, or weak ears!

      Wise and industrious men overcome adversity by striving boldly; Then the lazy and foolish men tremble at the sight of labor and distress; And the impossibility they fear is the impossibility they produce.

     Break me down but I sit on top of my ruins smiling. Even if you tear me to pieces, I will be patient. Make fun of me for looking at my rags and afraid from me like a contagious disease. Fear from me and leave me, but I will not care for the slightest trace of your hatred.                                                                                                                  -Robert Herrick 

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