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Thanks For Your Generosity

     Thanks For Your Generosity

     ‘Generosity is enriched by giving; Then greed accumulates and becomes poor’

     Emerson says, "If I worship all men as gods, why should I like  to do any man slavery of me?"

     Franklin writes that at sunset, Abraham was sitting in the doorway of his tent when one man with curved due to aging slowly came out of the forest on a stick. Abraham got up and met him and said to him I beg you to come in; wash your hands and feet and stay here all night. Get up early tomorrow morning and go walk your way. But the man said: `No, I will stay under this tree. Abraham urged him a lot so he came to him and they both went to the tent. Abraham made bread, and they both ate dinner. When Abraham saw that he did not pray to God, he spoke Why don't you pray to God than to heaven and earth? The man replied: I do not worship the God you are talking about. Nor do I even take his name. Because I have created a God for me. That God always stays in my house and gives me everything. When Abraham heard this, he was so angry with the man that he got up and fell on him to beat. And drove out him into the forest do with a stick hit. In the middle of the night, God came to Abraham and said, Abraham! Where is that stranger? Abraham answered: Lord! He does not worship you, nor does he take your name; That's why I removed in front of my mouth and drove out it into the forest. God said `I have been enduring it for one hundred and eighty years. And even if he rebelled against me, I have provided him with food and clothing and you, who are sinners yourself, could not bear it even one night!

     The Chief Minister of France, Cardinal du Boe, one day summoned a famous surgeon, Mr. Burda, to perform a serious operation on his limb. The Cardinal told him not to expect me to be treated as harshly as you treat your poor, destitute, and miserable patients at your hospital in Hotel Dune. Mahasaya Burda replied very politely, `My Lord! In my opinion, every one of the honorable people whom you call poor and needy is the Chief Minister.

      Knowing that Doctor Goldsmith had studied medicine and that he had a great love for mankind, a poor woman wrote a letter to him stating that her husband is starving and he is in a very sad condition. So thank you if you will send them some good medicine. The good-natured poet immediately went to his house and after a short conversation with the patient, told him that he was suffering from both disease and poverty. Goldsmith told him, `I'll send you a few pills in an hour; Eating it will give you health. Then he immediately went home and put ten guineas in a small wooden box and cast lots on it as follows: - Use this if necessary; Be patient and have goodwill. Goldsmith sometimes gave away half of his clothes. At one point he even had given away his to wear bed sheet and blanket. And the bottom of the under step overwhelmed to escape the cold.

     An awkward surgeon cut axis vein instead of a French woman's small vein. So much blood flowed from his body and she fell to death bed. At the time of her death she has given the surgeon a good annuity of a lifetime; But on the condition that he never reopens a man's vein for the rest of his life. A police princess who also died in a similar way. She inserted the following clause in her will while he was beating. The fucking-unfortunate surgeon who caused my death will surely be harmed by the unfortunate accident. I am convinced that she is going to tie the annuity two hundred duyuket for the rest of his life and I sincerely forgive him for his mistake. From my thoughtful difficulties that will come from his notoriety, he will get his revenge.

     The generous man remains just as generous even if he endures adversity for a long time.

     Some ungrateful rays of the sun useless scatter over a large area in the big sky falls And only a small part of those rays fall on the reflecting planets and the earth, Yet the sun does not mourn.-Emerson

     Should I ask a brave soldier who stands by me and fights for the interests of mankind, whether he belongs to my religion or not? The friend I love and checked out should I give it up if he doesn't believe in my cult?                                                                                                               -Mur

If God is your father, man is your brother.`                                                                        -Lamartine

If you are good to others, you are more good to yourself.                                     –Franklin

Don’t look to the faults of others, and to look at the virtues behind them ignoring them even if they feel guilty is the work of wisdom and love.                                                   -Ila Wheeler Wilcox

If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we have known so much sorrow and grief in the life of every human being. That we will not have the slightest hostility and paradox towards them in our minds.                                                                                                                   –Longfellow

     Even the lightest man has the abode of God. Even the greatest cowardly and stingy mind has a compassionate element and even the greatest coward has heroism; But it only comes out in times of great crisis. Greed and the harsh and strict rules of the trade keep many liberals men in the cage of selfishness; But the occasions of great tribulation break down the walls of that prison and at that moment his whole conscience nectar rains down the amirs of generosity.

     Generosity has faith in everything. When other men hate or condemn any man, the generous man says that pause is God's abode somewhere in man. Do not form speedily opinions about the motives of men. Even when the world condemns them they are probably nurturing noble motives in their hearts.

     When the epidemic broke out in Philadelphia, the sick and at that time, his friends and relatives were also leaving from the sick and dying men. When a nurse could not be found even after spending money and when no one has come to cremation was done for the dead. And were not doing served the sick person then came the bravest of the ruthless, the coldest of the cold, and the most special unattractive man whose conscience was considered to be stony. To protect his fellow citizens from that terrible epidemic there was nothing stay left to do. He was not afraid of any fear and did not hesitate to spend money. In business matters he was the master of greediness; He was never little helping his trading brothers who were in financial trouble;  He was no paid little bit attention to any requested urge for help;  He didn't care to befriend anyone.  And he showed complete disregard for the troubles and obstacles of other human beings by making the heart of stone. Despite this, the man, who seemed heartless on the outside, voluntarily took over the management of the Philadelphia Hospital. He treated the sick and cremated the dead. He worked constantly without even taking a nap And with unparalleled devotion, he amassed abundant wealth and used it with a loose hand.

     If you hear a man's condemnation, consider only half of it, and if you hear someone's praise, consider that man deserves double respect. It is very easy to see the faults of other people. We feel the burdens of others very lightly. Because we can endure the grief of everyone except our own grief.

     One man says that men make fourteen mistakes that:

1.       Set your own standard for comparing truth and untruth.

2.       To weigh people according to one's own standards.

3.        Measure the happiness of others with our own measure

4.       Expect everyone's opinion to be the same.

5.       Expecting comparability and experience in youth.

6.       Aim to make everyone's merit-karma-nature equal.

7.       Subduing to small things.

8.       To expect perfection in owns work.

9.       To mourn for something that cannot be remedied and to put others in mourn.

10.   Don't include the things that need to be included.

11.   Not paying attention to the incapacity of other men.

12. Count all such works impossible that task we can't do.

13. Just believe as much as our limited brains only the same to understand.

14. To hoping to understand each subject.

    Generosity in the crown of religious men is the most special shining hero. Every human has of course has a little too much weakness. But that we should forgive it. Every human being has some peculiarities, But it must be run. Every human being has a hatred for certain things; But we should not remind them of those things. Every human being has some bad habits, but we should bear them. Every human being has certain opinions, but we must look at them with respect. Every human being has some special feelings and emotions, But we must respect them.

     Shakespeare says, don't blame anyone, because we are all to blame.

     A young woman was beautiful, cheerful, and full of energy and enthusiasm. She got married and four boys were born. After some time, her lord died without leaving a single pie behind and she made valiant efforts to educate her children. She was running errands; She was drawing pictures; she was Sewing work and this way became able to send her sons to college and her daughters to boarding school. But that is the end of the story comes this way; When she came home with her became children, beautiful, Sanskrit young women and strong young men, and with all the innovative ideas and sentiments of her time, then the woman became decrepit in old age. Those children had liked their own work and their own peers. She lived between them for two or three years and then died of a heart attack. With this stroke, the children realized the true value of their mother. At the time when she fell unconscious, they were bending over and doing vision on her face. At the time when she fell unconscious, they were bending over and doing vision on her face. His eldest son grabbed her in the hand and said in a gurgling voice, ‘Mom! You had become a good mother to us.’  Blood rushed on the woman's face again, a glimmer of joy rose in her eyes, and in a low voice she said, "John, you have never said this before." Then she died.

     The emperor Theodosius ordered that never do punish anyone who slanders me, because-

He should laugh if he did it in jest. He should be forgiven if he did it in contradiction. If it is true it should be thanked.  When we criticize others, we care to reveal their faults and shortcomings Just as carefully we should highlight their virtues and beauties. Remember, if the other's qualities are the same which male or female count the highest of the highest value of others it is the highest of the highest in itself.

      Generosity is not a touch of selfishness. which man who is selfish cannot be truly rich. Mountain streams can only fertilize to the canyons if they extend beyond the mountains Similarly, the money is also beneficial only if it is spent for charity. When a spring of water gushes down from the mountain, it makes the grass beds green and flowers bloom on its shores. When it is stopped, then the valley will dry up and the flowers and grass will wither away and destroyed. Also, stagnant water also becomes unclean and dirty. So deer do not come and if they drink, they become harmful instead of beneficial. The same thing happens with money. It is in the interest of human beings only when it is used freely; And if it is collected and buried; The cost is spent on luxuries or if it is misused, it only harms human beings. Its owner's conscience is becomes hardened like a stone; The feeling of empathy dries out of it and the conscience becomes desolate.

     Give you so you will be given. By the measure by which you measure others, others will measure you. Those who sow a little seed will get little fruit. The man who is willing to give for the public interest should not hesitate. He self should be as wide and generous as Nature itself. Great men depend on their conscience; Do not rely on a bag of money.

     The best benefit of donating is that we achieve much better than what we give. The reaction has bigger than the action. We are given only our time and money to the poor and needy but in return, we cultivate in our generosity and altruism which are great divine qualities.

     I often wonder where the selfishness and heartlessness of the human race were to go preventing if the merciful Lord had not placed poor and needy people among us. The Almighty God has sown the seeds of generosity and benevolence in the human heart. To grow it is to keep alive that is troubles of poor peoples that give inspires. A generous man cannot live without help.

     Don't condemn anyone. What appears to your pale eyes as a stain is probably just only will be a stroke blow to a well-conquered battlefield in the pure light of God. That you would have become unconscious and subdued by the stroke.                                                           -Adelaide A. Proctor

      So by heartly check your male friend. And investigate the woman's sister then more carefully. They why not even raid, but for us, it is a humane duty to move aside. Indeed, only the one who is the doer of conscience can truly examine any conscience. For it recognizes each string by its distinct sound; He knows each bow to its different orientation; That is why we must remain silent in relation to balance. Because we can not bringer it ever.

     We can only measure to some extent when a big task is done by some one's hand, But we do not know the exact amount of labor and obstacles that have been put into achieving that.        -Burns 

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