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12 Things About Important Books To Reads Your Teachers Wouldn't Tell You

12 Things About Important Books To Reads Your Teachers 

      Wouldn't Tell You

          Horace Greeley said. When I was in childhood. While do reading and reading was going to a room full of wood; Reading reading was going to the garden And to the neighbors were going reading there. My father was very poor and he needed my help in the garden during the day, but he's had a hard getting me to sleeping at night. I would wrap my books around me and read them long time at night. I became dumb and motionless head down and used to drinking the nectar of knowledge from books. From my mind, the world around me would become numb and the world in which my books were going to took me this world would only make me fall alive and awake.

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     How many boys can say the as same as this talk! How many men have found the greatest joy in the scriptures in times of upliftment and in times of sorrow the books have relieved them of anxiety and given them sweet happiness instead of sadness! To pull the poor out of the well of poverty, to deliver the poor from their misery, to forget the burden lifter on the bearer, to make sick men forget their pain, to make sorrowful men forget their sorrows and the scriptures have as much power to forget the destroyed as to make them aware of their plight There is no other thing that has so much power. The scriptures are the friends of the friendless, the companions of the lonely, the joy of the joyless, the hope of the despairing, the consolation of the brokenhearted, and the shelter and helper of the helpless homeless. Books give light in the dark and give sun in the shadows.

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         We can make books our best friends even if we are poor, despised by society, and do not have the opportunity to have sex with good men. Through them, we can live in palaces. We can talk to the great king; We can be friends of dynasties By sitting the greatest and best of the greatest men of all ages we can Conversation until we are satisfied.

     In this age, printing presses enable you to buy copies of Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads, Puranas, etc. at a very low price; But if you take advantage of their inexhaustible store of knowledge and How much would it cost if you put a price on your life and the lives of those around you? These scriptures have shown the way to thousands of people who have lost their way in life and no other scripture in the world can take its place.

     That scriptures that can organize a young man into his life work are of great power. The encouragement of just one text has produced many lecturers, poets, philosophers, librarians, and diplomats. On the contrary, how many times a single unrighteous book has made many people atheists, lustful, and guilty. Ociyan's poetry had a very profound effect on Napoleon's life and he never tired of praising Homer. His reading was very vast; He had read history, mathematics, Virgil and Tasso texts and religious books, and law texts of all ages and countries.

Cotton Mather's 'Essay on Good Work that Frankil read in his childhood had an effect on his whole life. It is for each man to read with a pen in hand and to make a note of what he has read important Was recommended.

Will Important Books To Reads Ever Rule Change The World?

     How many poor boys and girls who have the idea that they don't get any kind of opportunity are motivated to do good deeds by reading beautiful texts of writers like Smile, Todd, Matthews, Manjar, Whipple, Giki, Thatcher, etc.!

The greatest benefit of books is not always from the fact that fact we remember them trueness but the instruction from it is received by what we receive. A good scripture or a good friend often awakens the secret power within us. Reading books often stimulates great writers to think about different topics. We often see our thoughts and our own feelings in books. In fact, through books, we are learning to identify ourselves self. We are seeing one of our limbs in Emerson's treatise and are seeing the other in Shakespeare's or Kalidasa's treatise. One of our thoughts is found in the scriptures of Valmiki or Homer while the other is found in the scriptures of Shankara or Dante and this action continues till we know our full potential. Even though our friends, we realize many of our beautiful organs. Many of our awkward limbs are also known by our enemies. And the realization of our scattered symptoms from the people and that is true, But the realization of our most special organs is done to us calmly and impartially only through books. In the books, our strengths and weaknesses, our vastness and shyness, our opinions and tastes, our advantages and disadvantages, our compassion and inertia all are clearly reflected. We build many of our opinions from our favorite books. The author we especially choose is our greatest teacher. Because we see the world through his eyes. These qualities of ours develop if we always read texts with advanced thinking, pure style, strong argument, and subtle observation. On the contrary, if we read the scriptures full of immorality, then the faults and vices of those scriptures also enter into us. Just as we cannot be free from the effects of the air we breathe, we cannot prevent the effects of our reading from falling on us.

Why Everyone is Obsessed With Important Books to Reads

Hold strongly to education; Don't let go, because that's your life:                                       -Solomon

`Books show us the way in youth and give us joy in old age. It shelters us in solitude and prevents our lives from becoming burdensome. `                                                          -Jeremy Collier

If there are any true tools to bring human beings to the land of equality, they are only books. If there is any treasure that is open to all men, it is the library.                                           –Langford

If the crowns of all the emperors are placed in front of my feet in return for my love of books and my reading, I will kick all those crowns!`                                                                        -Fenelan

Interest in reading, which is an invincible friend of my childhood, even if someone gives me all the wealth of Hindustan, I will not give it up.                                                                           –Gibbon

I currently have many friends and I love him, But I love reading more than them.               –Pop

Some scriptures have done well as much as the world has done and still do; The way they keep our hope awake; Innovative awakens courage and faith; Soothes grief; Hard and hard-hearted families give ideal life to obedient human beings; Connects distant eras and countries with each other; I always thank God for giving me this gift when I think of all that creates new worlds of beauty and brings truths from heaven.                                                                                                               -James Freeman Clark

The scriptures are the friends of the friendless men.                                          - George H. Hillard

Why Important Books to Reads are the Secret Ingredient

     By which texts that give us the most encouragement and make us most determined to do something great and achieve something great are the best books. The books that lead us to special pure thought and practice are the best books. We should associate with people who encourage us to do the best we can. We should read books that give us advanced thinking and motivate us to take the most advantage of our strengths and opportunities. Once you have read Valmiki, then you will find all the other scriptures light-hearted; It will know seems to contain all the scriptures you want.

     The mystic camel in the Arabian story did not hesitate to abandon the ornaments and jewels placed on his back, But he had kept only one tub near himself in which all the secret treasures of the whole world can be seen at a single glance by taking the medicine. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that the pure mind eye gives us the immense substance of the mental world for thought, all the treasures of the ancient kingdoms and Of did not yet discover mines that give the raw material. No external assets can be compared with it. Scriptures like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana have rewarded human beings. The independence and sovereignty of Ayodhya and Hastinapur have been destroyed for hundreds of years; Its inhabitants have become destroyed and become cowardly slaves; His language has become impure; Its temples have suffered from foreign invasions and become victims, but Vyas and Valmiki's mental realm is immortal even today. Sir William Waller said, In my classroom, to me only with assured given to interact only with intelligent men; When outside, it becomes impossible to get rid of the contagion of fools! Webster says that once achieved, do not lose is the only glorious and privileged right of the Enlightenment. On the contrary; it continues to grow by its own power, and all its sources remain its becoming tools; All these achievements help in achieving new victories.

12 Things About Important Books To Reads Your Teachers  Wouldn't Tell You

    Emerson had made three rules of reading :

Don't read a book less than a year after its publication. Don't read any book except excellent texts. Never read a book you don't like. You should meditate and study a particular book or a particular subject in the same way you mount the ax. You do not use an ax to get anything from the sharpener but use to sharpen the edge of the ax; The facts read from the books are more valuable than the particles emanating from the sharpener. That so, our brains are more valuable than an ax.

If You Read One Article About Important Books To Reads Read This One

     Bacon says that some texts are just to take a taste. Some are to be swallowed and a few are to be swallowed by Chewing; That is, some books have only a few parts to read, some are to be read, but not eagerly, and a few are to be read whole with industry, attention, and contemplation. Reading makes humans perfect. Conversation makes them ready. Writing makes them accurate. That is why if a man writes a little he needs great memory power; If he talks a little he needs a great presence answerer and if he reads a little he needs great cunning to hide his ignorance. History makes man wise. Poetry makes him funny. Mathematics makes him immersive. Philosophy makes him deeply intelligent. Ethics makes it serious. Jurisprudence and Metaphor make it powerful to debate. How much more liquid has been filled in books. And how much progress can a poor boy or girl make in information, knowledge, and intelligence with just a few pennies? Through the books, the poorest of the poor boy can be immersed in the intellectual substance of Vyas, Valmiki, Plato, and Socrates. The rag worker can play the part in the tragic play "Helmet" with Shakespeare. Ordinary laborers can argue with Plato. A laborer working in the account is the same as Arjuna and Caesar can go behind him in his battles. Or did it all over the world behind Alexander can going in climbs. The poorest artisan in the world could explore the forests of Africa with Livingston and Stanley and go to the battlefields of Europe behind Napoleon. The poorest of the poor boy Can enigmatic the area of the sky with Galileo, Herschel, Proctor, and Miller; One can read the stories of many eras hidden in the rocks and solve the mysteries of science with Thomson and Edison.

How Important Books To Reads Could Get You On The Today Show

     Libraries are no longer a tool for games but the essential thing is happening. A house without books and magazines today is considered a house without a window. Boys learn to read as they grow up between books. They gain knowledge even unknowingly from what he touches. No family today can't run without good reading. If needed, wear Sewn clothes and Sewn shoes, but never become greedy about the matter of books. Even if you can't teach your children education of school, Even then you will be able to give them some excellent books. And so they will reach an advanced position and gain honor and respect. Boys and girls who have the necessary texts in their hands, even if they are the poorest of the poor, can get as much or more education as schooling. If every household in our country had a collection of excellent books, our culture becomes one big change drastically. As Mary Wortley Motegyu puts it, "No means of getting a joke is as cheap as reading, and any joy doesn't last that long."

      Good scriptures enhance character, purify interest, heal infatuation of mild pleasure, and Lifts us up, and puts us on a higher role of thought and life.

      After reading a book full of excellent and advanced thoughts, immediately doesn't become to do mild work. The man who reads for the sake of version or pleasure only has humor and sweetness in his conversation. Every teenager should have the ambition to become extraordinary famous in any one of the things to become extraordinary famous for; One should assume the ambition of becoming the perfect master of a particular task. Just as knowledge is not intellect so reading is not knowledge. The knowledge that is being incorporated into human behavior and becoming a part of it. Its only name is intelligence. And methodically and to do think (meditate) in a subtle way doing so is the result it. Reading and contemplation are the same brain exercises. The gymnast does not take any exercise equipment from the exercise school, But the force that comes through it only is taking it. The development of strength and intellect that comes from reading any scripture was not as precious as what we remember from it. Just as sitting in a gym does not develop the body, reading without a goal does not develop also the mind. We should give the brain these exercises firmly and regularly.

     Read whatever you read enthusiastically. Read forcibly and thoroughly carefully if you want to develop your brain; And learn to eclipse the spiritual and moral life in them and learn to mix it into your life. A man who acquires special knowledge and inculcates it in his character he is the best reader. Mechanical readers only memorize the shell from words of the thing, But they do not digest the essence of it; they fill their minds with a reading above but starve the mental powers. If you have taken the most advantage of one of the books, you realize a workforce that you have never experienced before. Just as a few artists, He fully knows of the character of the person he is playing. In the same way, only a few readers know the heart and soul of the writers.

      The man who after the completion of the day's work attains peace and happiness by reading books, conversing with the intelligent men of the present and the past enjoys true happiness. Any pleasure and like the aforementioned intellectual pleasure and for the body and mind bored with work and hard work, there is no peace or no new workforce on earth.                                 -Alexander Cockburn

      Scripture is an excellent companion. It comes with full enlightenment when you want it to, but it never catches behind you. from Your neglect do not become angry. If you turn to other kinds of pleasures, they silently serve you without taking revenge. It also seems to enter in your memory from your own body. His soul flies into you and takes over your brain.       –Beacher

     The texts are wonderful things. Although they are tongueless and dumb, they control the world with their eloquence power. They seem powerless and numb. Yet as in the forest fires again they turn over the minds and hearts of men. It brings light to the brain and acts as a star in the dark sky

    When friends get cold and our relatives becoming weak and pale, the discipline falls only to show worldliness then only books would not forget the happy days of their next friendship such and such a happy face continues and that friendship never deceives the hopeful And never abandons unhappy people such true friendship makes showing us and make us happy.                -Washington Evening

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