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Influence Of Good Character

 Influence Of Good Character  

The character never dies. Longfellow says that even after a star disappears in the sky, the light that has come out of its reach towards us in its lifetime will shine in front of your gross vision for a long time to come down. In this way, the light that a great man puts behind him shines on the path of men even after his death for many years,

     Character is the best power,

     Character is the best asset,

     Character is the best religion,

     Character is the best salvation

Hang the upper motto in every school, in every house, and in every youth room in the country. Mothers! Engrave it deep in the heart of every child.

Character does not need anyone's recommendation, itself recommends of itself. The body of a three-and-a-half man without character is insignificant even if it has any amount of strength, money, power it is also trivial.

Robertson states that when you descend into the deepest part of the conscience, not just as a desire for pleasure but as a desire for food. there is a desire to make your life nobler and higher stag,

David Dudley Field used to say, `I consider Lincoln the greatest man in modern times, Webster, Clay, Calhoun, etc they were great in one direction were; But Lincoln was great in many ways.

This man had secret springs of greatness that erupted very accidentally. His amazing powers people were around him can not understand. Horace Greeley also worked in almost the same direction, But Lincoln seemed steadfast in every direction when there was a wonderful blend of goodness and weakness. Linkan said after signing the Manifesto for the Redemption of Slaves Now the promise must be kept; I will not withdraw a single word.

   A holy monk spent six years in a cave in Tibet. All this time he spent fasting, doing hard penance and praying and praising, etc., and passed time to please God, trying to find a place in heaven. Finally, he prayed to the Lord, `Show me a saint greater than I, so that I may imitate him and ascend to this excellent role of holiness.  On the same night, as he prayed, an angel came to him and said, If you want to be the crown jewel of all in virtue and purity, then imitate the great Barot who sings poems and begs, and Flickers eats from house to house. So the monk became very angry and he found the barot and asked, `Hey man! What have you done that made God so pleased with you?.  He bowed down and replied, `Holy Saint! Don't make fun of me. I have not done any good work or I have not even prayed. I just wandering from house to house to make people happy by singing poetry. The monk insisted, "No, no, he must have done some good deeds." He replied, "I don't know if I have done any good deeds." The monk asked, but how did you become a beggar? Has he lost your money by being extravagant? The man said: No, I did not do that, I saw a poor woman running thus with a sad face. Investigations revealed that her husband and her children had been sold into slavery to pay off their debts and that some of Belial's men also wanted to take possession of her; Because she was so gorgeous, But I took him home and saved her from their clutches. I gave everything I had to save her and their family and gathered her husband and children. But wouldn’t another man have done that? ’Hearing this fact, tears welled up in the monk’s eyes and he said,‘ I have not done as much work as you did in my whole life.’

     The treasure of fame and love is more important than the treasure of great wealth. 'What the world considers success, you do not consider success.

    The forces of nature are the most powerful; It is quieter than all the other powers. We consider thunder to be powerful. But the force of gravity, which makes no sound, keeps all the planets in their orbit and Keeps the world fluent And binds every atom of every planet to the great center of attraction of the whole; That power is infinitely more powerful than the great thunder of a cloud. We say that illuminated electricity is very powerful. For it breaks the strong oak into pieces and shatters the very strong fort; Then it seems very strong. But the lightning that comes from the sky so tenderly yet with such incredible speed and falls to the earth that we do not even know it. It also affects the earth so much that it causes a lot of greenery; With its constant action, beauty and Mars pervade here and there. And as much force as it has, so half the force is not in the illuminated electricity. Things that make no noise and the only thing that does not claim to do anything is strong than strong. The effect that the silent purity of a great man has on all people cannot affect even the speeches of a powerful speaker or preacher for life.

         It is more true important to have a good reputation than to be born into a good family. Blake says that no sermon has the same effect as a direct example of a great man. Because we see that great man in front of our sight doing some work really that we could not even imagine in our dreams.

Even the blood drop of a true human is more precious than all the water in the ocean. Man title is better than all titles. The number of human beings, the size of cities as well as the crops, are not the true proportions of any culture; But the kind of people the country produces is the true proportion.     


Cut the barrier and get the human out.                                                                            –Pop

Don't be nobler it is better to be extinct than that                                                    -Tennyson

Be sublime, that is, the sublimity that lies dormant in other human beings કેમ because it has never been slept by anyone-will awaken and will come to meet your generosity.         –Lowell

One man has grown so much that he touches the pole or holds the whole of creation in his fist, Yet it must be measured by its internal suitability; The heart is the measure of a human being.                                                                                                                              –Votes

True fame of a man or a woman is the first ornament of his soul. None of my good virtues get sick with me; Nor will it be buried in my grave                                                           -Emerson

     Remember, doing great work is not the main duty of any life, But the same important duty is to be of holy character ourselves. Character is the best and most enduring fruit of our lives.

     Characteristic people who live in a society are only the soul of that society. In fact, they are not the only ones who run the police-people according to the law. His character is the root of the excellent state system. Lonely intellect without character leads us to degeneration. Often we see boys in school or school who look dull and stupid on the outside; Slowly but steadily, they reach a higher stage than the other characterless boys. The only reason for this is only that they have a tendency to be advanced This tendency develops slowly but surely. And elevates them to a humane and trustworthy position. A man who is ambitious; Those who have a tendency to progress and move forward by overcoming obstacles have a quality that everyone admires him.

     No matter how hard we try to suppress the voice of the secret God that is in our conscience, it is always to approve of the truth and to hate the evil. Whether we pay attention to it or not; But his resolution does not have the power to change, albeit in the slightest. In all stages of health, illness, upliftment, decline, this honest servant stands behind us. in our work never disturbed, But he weighs everything we do and every word we say and declares his decision as `truth` or` untruth`.

     Whether you are rich or poor, rich or poor, it will be all are the same after a hundred years; But the effect of your good behavior or misconduct will have even at that time. If we have learned the lesson of self-sacrifice, even honor will not affect us.

     During the American Revolution, when the British commissioners ask to pay a bribe of ten thousand guineas from General Reed, the President of the Congress, he said, `Householder!

I am poor અતિ extremely poor, But your king is not so rich as to buy me.

    The man whose bright conscience carries the conscience of others to a higher role, does he die? The conscience he leaves behind him, living in those hearts is not death.

     Duty is a kind of cement-lime; Without it, all power, goodness, intelligence, truthfulness, happiness, and even love cannot last. Without it all the fibers of our lives are broken; Without it we are forced to sit in the midst of our ruin, staring in amazement at our own destruction. Persistent conscientiousness is the true success of education.

     If your money is not earned honestly, if you have even a penny dishonestly earned in crores of rupees, you will not be considered successful. If your money or property has the rank and the blood of unfortunate orphans, laborers, or widows, you will not be considered victorious.

     If your wealth has made others poor, then you have failed. A business that kills other people; Shortens the lives of others; If you have gotten the substance through a business that poisons the blood of others or causes disease in his body; Understand that if you make money from a business that hurts others, same understand you are a failure.

      Remember, you have to give an account of your entire lifestyle at a time. Will ask you, how did you acquire the wealth. is there sacrifice had given to humans? Does it dig the grave of other people's hopes and happiness? Has the happiness of other human beings been sacrificed for it? Have the rights of other human beings been destroyed in it? Or has the opportunity to meet them been lost? Or has their development stalled? Or has his character been corrupted? Has it caused damage to other people's bread and lodging? If so, your life will be a failure. Your crores of rupees will not be able to save you from this despicable folklore that you have been compared and you have become inferior.

     As Bichar says, we build a soul-like house for all eternity; And yet there is a difference between our sculpture and our care!

     Many people are like a warehouse full of business goods. Because in their heads and consciences only material things reside. The houses of the poor in the suburbs of the city, as they were later sold for money, became warehouses for merchants; As such, the interest, love, which used to be in the souls of such people, becomes like a warehouse of material things.

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