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To Make a Decision

 To Make a Decision

     When the Goals besieged Rome during the Roman Republic, the Romans were in such a predicament that they agreed to buy their salvation with gold. As they weighed the gold, Camillus came and, instead of the gold in Weighted, threw his sword and said that the Romans should not buy peace but win with the sword. This act of courage and urgency made the Romans are so excited that they drove their enemies out of their holy land and waved the victory flag. Even in times of calamity, an agile, perseverant and determined man comes and does such one thing So that everything changes. Then even if that why action is not wrong. By such a man gives strength to many people who are frustrated, frightened, and confused, and wherever he goes, the trumpets of victory sound.

To Make a Decision

     Only men of great and immediate determination have immortalized themselves in the world of glory.

     The man who thinks he can do something and the man who does it all, the man who hangs between thoughts, the man who spends all his time thinking about which way to go, reveals his instability. They do something and do it immediately and a man with such thoughts, a man hanging between those thoughts, which way to go The man who spends all his time thinking about it reveals his instability. That is, he cannot control himself and he is inclined to be submissive to others. He is not a human being himself, But is a follower of man. A man of determination and vigor does not wait for favorable coincidences he did not become events subdue but he subdues events.

      A man of restless mind is always at the mercy of the opinion of the man who has seen the last conversation with him. He can see the true way, But he goes in the wrong direction stretch. Probably determined to do something; So only he can do that unless there is an obstacle in his way.

     The great determination he made after Satan was cast out of heaven in "Lost Paradise" We cannot keep it without seeing it and appreciating it. After being in a state of terrible uncertainty for a moment, he regains his invincible enthusiasm and says, "If I am still the same as before, why should I be anywhere I do not care it?"

      The power to decide the best way and to leave every opposing path And once abandoned, do leave it the think of the opposite path. One of the most important forces in achieving success is the power that does not distract us from thinking in a certain way. From hesitate, we are inviting disaster? The man who always hesitates; doing the think confusing about nonimportant matters do.

     And he does attention to this He cannot accomplish any task. Because it does not have the necessary determination power.  Decidethat you will be free as a result.                                  –Longfellow

       The shortest words in our language, yes and no, are the riskiest words. One of them implies the subordination of will and the other implies the dependence of will. One signifies lust and the other signifies character. Strongly saying 'no' illuminates a strong character And immediately saying “yes” shows our weakness. Then no matter how much we cover it.          -T.T. Manjar

      A man should be the master of his own work; The work should not be allowed to become its own master, it should have the power to decide immediately which side to lean on. P. D. Armor

     The world is a market where everything is sold at a fixed price. We spend our time, effort, or intelligence on comfort, Comfort, fame, honesty, knowledge, or whatever anything is a purchasing Then we must stand firm; And one should not mourn for things not bought as a boy.                     -Matheus

    With a clear goal and a strong hand, a true artist, with a vague aim and a shaky hand, is totally different from the artisans who make blurry paintings or awkward figurines.              – Holmes

    Great work can be thought and determined only in childhood and begins in adolescence, But it is difficult to change the course of life in old age after the real-time has flowed and strength has been lost.                                                                                                                                     –Browning

    Think carefully, or act decisively, respectfully subdue, or resist firmly.                              –Colton

     Invites. The man who is determined is the man who is determined man assumed some power in the world. It has some value. You can weigh it, measure it and make some estimates of how much you can accomplish with your own strength. No task is accomplished by negligence. A careless man cannot gain faith and only invites untrust.

      Phil Shedrin was able to emerge victorious from the defeat with immediate determination. He was listening to the explosion of the tank he was many miles away when the Great War was going on. He immediately kicked his horse and run fast. As he approached the battlefield, he saw his men fleeing with the stigma of defeat. Standing on the saddle of a horse, he shouted, Stand up; Turn right And follow me.` He came to the front of his army and pushed forward. Seeing him, the soldiers regained their strength. And hope arose in their depressed consciences. The soldiers who were fleeing from the Kshatriyas in a short time fell on them with all their might in the form of roar. The invincible determination of your great leader gave him determination and he achieved a proud victory over his enemies instead of a miserable defeat. Seeing this surprised his enemies and the anger did not go away.

     It is said that when Alexander the Great was asked, "How did you conquer the world?", He replied, "Standing firm,"

      The man who immediately decides his path and what sacrifices he has to make. Only he who is determined to achieve it can achieve his goal even the most fortunate people rarely get great opportunities and when getting them, they run away immediately.

    Napoleon said that "the only true adventure is that which gives the power to think and decide with complete freedom in the face of contingencies and in the face of unforeseen events."

     A man who works regularly does not lose time in an uncertain situation. But the force that is wasted in thinking more useless saves him. While the restless-minded man compares every argument and does not decide one side with a strong decision. He lives in a stable balance and does not the slightest dynamic by the will. But with the instinctive gesture of another man's desire, he moves easily. By delay would have been done the destruction on this occasion, Napoleon and Grant and their army were protected with immediate determination. Napoleon often said, "Even if the war lasts all day, the outcome is decided in two or three minutes." He conquered almost the whole of Europe by his own will With the same dexterity, he can do determined to do even the most trivial things.

    No business or employment is like that In which there are no difficulties. In every business, sometimes there are huge difficulties and the young man, who is frightened from every difficult occasion of life, does not achieve any hard success. The concentration of the mind can never be achieved without determination. If a man is to achieve success, he must concentrate his mind on work. A man without determination and devotion scattered his power and cannot succeed in any task. For the time required to succeed in any task, he can't stick to patience. A business or employment shows its beautiful side. So that he firmly believes that this is the business I need; And with full enthusiasm, he eclipses it as his life's work, But in a short time, his enthusiasm melted away when troubles and Inconvenience began to appear. And he seems to be saying in his mind that I deserve this business to suppose same that why I did foolishness? Then he assumes that the business that some of my friends have taken up is the one that suits me best. Having such an idea is that he leaves one business and adopts another! In this way, he spends his whole life in a state of turmoil. Any new business seems to be the best at first! He never uses his discretion or simple society; But which moment the spirit and the feeling that arises in the mind, the moment it becomes subject to it. Such men have no definite principle, They are here today and there tomorrow and today they are doing this work tomorrow other work. Therefore, the knowledge he has acquired in one business cannot be of any use to him in another business and they waste all their time. In fact, after leaving the role of the wast work not only does it reach the soothing role of skill. They lose their lives in starting different businesses, And the beginnings are always tough. Such people seldom reach the role of materialism, happiness, and contentment. Other men sit with cried and cry when trouble strikes. Retreats from fear and obstacles and finds a way to get rid of them; Then the great men begin their definite work without any fuss or fanfare So that even large mountains become flat and the road becomes paved. Learn to have strong desires and determination. Stabilize your fickle life in this way and don't let it go like a dry leaf blown by the wind. a man with an unstable mind is like a caterpillar on the road because he cannot become a cattle. It difficult in the path of every man, but cannot stop anyone. They cannot stand opposite provoking psychosis the thousands of temptations that. If they show a little determination power at first if they say `no` once firmly; As a result, their temptations disappear forever, But they are weak-minded, they are afraid that someones will feel them wrong, they do not like to say no and thus they throw their armor to protect themselves and fall on the wide road of destruction.

     Man loses his whole life in vain. The reason is that you are not sure which work to do. These words can be engraved in the memory of many failed men that `he was unstable, he did not pay enough attention, he did not know how to decide, he did not have the patience to stick to the work.

      The lives of Lazy and careless people are wasted. They do not know that their power does not come out of the nature of postponing every task and they do not achieve success. The infectious disease of their negligence applies to all their neighbors. Scott always warned teenagers to avoid the habit of procrastination. This habit penetrates every hole in space and often ruins the glowing life. Scott says "do it immediately" should be your basic mantra.  This is the only way to stop the action to procrastinate. How many hours have been lost in vain by turning the dice in bed and reluctance to get up They cannot stand opposite provoking psychosis the thousands of temptations that. This habit has narrowed the careers of many men. Burton could not give up the habit and was convinced that the habit would ruin himself since he believes it with sure that, so he told his servant, "Don't leave me without wake when the time comes." So in the morning, there was a great joke. His servant shouted and insisted on awake him up; But he used to say, man, let me sleep for a while! The servant knew that if I did not lift it, I would lose a net twelve pence. So he would pour cold water on the bed at the end and Burton came out jump immediately. A man once asked a lazy man, "Why do you lie in bed so many times?" Pella replied: `I always listen to Enlightenment in the morning. Industry tells me to get up; Laziness tells me to stay asleep, And presents twenty arguments for refuting each other; As an impartial judge I hear the arguments of both parties and when the matter has settled the meal is also prepared; That is why the decision comes immediately!

    It is a fact that the body of a man who is extremely strong is moderately determined. The bodies of those who are famous for their strength are also often strong and determined. There is no mental strength that is not affected by physical weakness. This rule is especially related in the case of determination power. Physical pain or some major physical disability makes the determination power weak or lax. Normally, a person who is physically strong speedily weighs heavily and builds confidence in the hearts of others. Any physical weakness or infirmity is seen only as a dullness of the first determination. Because of his strength and agility, sit down on the young man has more confidence by peoples It doesn't into any else thing. And because of these qualities, he gets help from any firm or friend as soon as possible Not got it so fast because of any other quality. People know that a clever man will pay money in the future and so they trust him. Learn first by showing people that you are not wood or tension but you have some essence. Let people know that you will do what you say and once you decide it will never change back and you will not be tempted by temptation or not afraid of threat. Some brains are so structured that they become frightened when they are put at risk. They shudder at the thought of doing any decision. All sorts of doubts rather than trying to make an immediate and firm decision Difficulties and fears arise in their minds and they do not have enough strength to decide and the courage to overcome obstacles. They know that delay is the enemy of entrepreneurship, progress, and success; Even so, only think and in think are hanging like a trident. They have enough power to think; have not enough power to work. They often do analysis, thought, comparison and contemplation; But never started working. Seizing the opportunity at the right time can be easily seized at the right time How many men fail by not achieving it when it is. Opportunity does not come again and again. It only comes once.

      In this age of fierce competition, anyone who wants to move forward must have the power to make deftly determined decisions.

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