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It Is Important To Cultivate Self-Restraint

 It Is Important To Cultivate Self-Restraint

Self-control is the foundation of all virtues. The moment human becomes to surrender his psychosis. From that moment on, he abandons their moral freedom. Stonewall Jackson decided to win all his physical, mental and moral weaknesses in his childhood. He kept all his powers under his control and got to victory on them with his great self-education and self-control. To make himself so strong decided that he not even be small affected by the seasons to No matter what he is told but he does not wear an overcoat in winter. He was saying I will not surrender to the cold. He had indigestion so for a year he subsisted on buttermilk and dry bread. And he carried out the advice given to him by his doctor to wear wet clothes on his body, he put out it into practice, even though everyone laughed. This time he was work as a professor at the Virginia Military Institute (Virginia Military Institute). His doctor advised him to go to bed at nine o'clock; So anywhere he may or any man may be sited in front of him, he always slept down at that time. This strict rule he followed till his death. Such self-education gives such self-conquering human beings great authority over others and its value is equal to that of great intelligence.

It Is Important To Cultivate Self-Restraint

     We benefit from the habit of classifying our different qualities and putting their marks according to their merits. So even those who get at least a percentage are always floating in front of us and so we are done empowered to try to enhance or strengthen it. Suppose the strongest quality of a man is his industry, then put his hundred marks, Suppose his physical courage deserves fifty marks; His moral courage deserves seventy-five marks; His temperament deserves twenty-five marks And his self-control deserves only ten marks. Now with such weak self-restraint, if the yoga of passionate mental disorders is done, it will be the cause of its destruction; That is why he should try to raise it from the row of weak points to the category of strong points. If we make a table of these qualities every day or every week And if we check the development and shrinkage of each mark and put a mark according to its merit, it will take us only two or three minutes every day. Put a hundred marks on the industry if you have honestly worked hard. If you have lost your mood And if you have fooled yourself by giving up self-control as a result, put a few marks on it. This will encourage you to try to improve that quality. If you are angry, put a mark according to your mood's qualification And try to gradually free yourself from anger. Wherever you want to be brave if you are cowardly there if you become fickle where you should rest; where you should tell true there you have told lied; Where you should be wise if you have become a fool; Where you should say in cash in if you speak round- round; Where you should be justified if you have taken advantage of the error and misfortune of others; You have become dishonest where you should be honest; Where you have to be patient if you have succumbed to impatience; Where you should be happy, you have climbed your mouth; So put the mark of each according to the merit of all of them. This will help you a lot in character building.

     When man recognizes his own form, the mystery of nature and its fears disappear from him. Identify yourself; this with help yourself, the path remains open as soon as its Coincidence is done.

    Beware of your weakness. Immorality half of his strength comes from those who have fallen victim to him from the weakness of the human beings. Immorality half of his strength comes from those who have fallen victim to him from the weakness of the human beings. Is your nature angry and pungent? If so, it will turn the water on your work for many years at the rate of a rat in a water dam. Even a single word spoken angrily sometimes awakens a tantrum that cannot be calmed down for long. Just one angry word turns many friends away.

    If your anger seems to have been generated, keep your mouth shut. If you don't, your anger will increase. Many people have died in anger. Anger produces disease. What the gods want to destroy is what drives them crazy first. Be quiet when arguing, says Webster. Because anger blames error and makes truth irrational.

     To be angry at a weak person is to prove that you are not strong either. As Pythagoras says, anger begins with foolishness and ends with repentance. A man's strength must be measured on his power to suppress his emotions.

        D. Leon, a well-known Spanish poet, had to suffer Imprisonment for many years for opposing the Roman Catholic faith. He translated some parts of the Bible into his own language, was putting them in a horrible jail without light. He was released a few years later and given back his professor's place. A large crowd gathered on the occasion of his first speech to hear what he had to say about his imprisonment. But it all started five years ago where the great man's lecture was brutally left unfinished. He initially said the following words: િ Harry Dissembus-`(Yesterday I had said that--).

     which thought has come in man's mind has started to spoke about it What a wonderful above famous example of self-restraint provides it.

     Have you ever seen a man who, after a great insult, just a little pale, left his trembling lips, and gave answered quietly? Left by suppressed grieve, doing self-controlled carved out into solid rock have you seen such a man who stands like a statue? Consider the man you have never seen a man who does not tell the world his grief in spite of enduring extreme hardships every day a truly strong man. A man who can be quiet in spite of his angry nature, The man who forgives by controlling his temper in spite of his extreme temperament is a strong hero.

     The man who can kill the ugly mockery and slanderous word before it comes to his lips. And in the midst of rebuke, slander, hatred, and contempt, in spite of anger in the heart, the man who maintains peace has conquered his word. The one who cannot be angry is a dud human being, But the one who does not get angry knowingly is a wise man.

     What a sweet peace we can have let us also have the nature to exercise self-control. A Man assumes silence even if he suddenly finds reason to be angry. Or if he presses down with a smile full of peace, he got so much control over himself. Having a brain is a big tell; But having the power to control it is even more thing than that. If he wants to rule over others, he must first control himself.

     The man who has controlled self himself; The man who has conquered self himself overcomes his own psychosis his own coincidences, his own business, and his own speech. Self-control is such a commander who turns a herd of uneducated warriors into an educated army. A man who knows self-control knows how to make good use of himself. Mankind always gets an education. Our businesses, our troubles, our obstacles, and our frustrations, if they are put to good use, they will choose great teachers who will teach us self-control. A man who is his own master will not become a slave to those who do evil, He will not snatch away from his family anything that is more valuable than wealth or great status. His rules and his creatures will empower him to perform miraculous deeds And yet it will give him scope for self-development. The man who controls himself does not live for work but works to win.

    Give me a man who is not a slave to psychosis: and I will assume him in the deepest part of my heart.                                                                                                                               –Shakespeare
   The force of character is made up of two things: willpower and restraint. That is why its existence requires two things: strong emotions and a strong power to control them.
                                                                                                                                    - F. W. Robertson
    Self-esteem, self-knowledge, and self-control; Only through these three do we attain supreme power. Man's gotten victory over himself is his most special and courageous victory.
                                                                                                                                        - Earl of Stalling
     Self-victory is the only true victory, And the winner without it is the petty slave in the petty.                                                                                                                                         –Thomson 
     When a person becomes of the self a slave, his value is halved. `                   -Odyssey
    The man who rules over his senses and subdues psychosis and fear are even greater than the king.                                                                                                                                        – Milton
    A man who is late to anger is better than a man who is strong, And he who rules over his own mind is better than one who conquers a city                                                                  -Bible
     Self-confidence is the prime element of heroism.                                                    -Emerson

     Aha Diamond! Where do you realize the damage he has done? `Sir Isaac Newton has come from doing dinner. He found that the calculations he had worked so hard for years were that a dog named Diamond had lit a burning candle and burned him. Seeing this he spoke the above words. Then he sat down to do the calculations again. It was because of such excellent patience, self-control, and conscientiousness that he overtook all the scientists of his time and of his time to acquire knowledge of all the laws of nature.

     One morning, an American envoy living in St. Petersburg was advised to save a young, addicted, corrupt, young American named `Pooh from sin. The young Poe came to the United States with the help of an envoy. A few days later, a letter called `Baltimore Visitor` announced a reward for the best story and the best poet. Out of all the contestants, the one whose story and poem was the best was the self-willed, corrupt, rank, orphaned youth. His face had gone pale when he was called for the reward; Her clothes were torn; Her feet didn’t even have socks to protect her from the cold; His coat was torn, but well cleaned, and he was buttoned up to the nack to hide his lack of wear. After coming from Russia, Tarun Poe showed his courage and determination in a short time by showing that he had conquered the evil that had brought him down! The great self-restrained, the one who thinks a lot and speaks little, the self-confident and steadfast-minded man, the weak-willed man is always a thousand times heavier than the uncertain and fickle-minded man. A man who follows others cannot make others his followers.    

      If our vices are examined every day, they will be destroyed.

      Zimmermann says that "silence is the best response to all opposition arising from arrogance, meanness, and jealousy." It all includes the life of Lord Krishna and the life of Jesus Christ. Those two Mahatmas are its embodiment.

     A man who carefully protects his mental rights and powers; Who does not consider any man to be his lord; Which has some vote run to come since antiquity So it should be followed on that he did not believe, Which is always ready to receive light coming from anywhere; Who embraces the new truth like angels in heaven; Who takes the advice of others but places special weight on the advice of his own psyche; And not to suppress his own powers of external advice. But uses it to promote and enhance; I consider him a man of independent mind. The man who does not  surrender to humbly external  coincidences; The man who does not go strain into the flow of events Which does not become a slave to accidental stimulation; But also the events that are used to correct themselves And acts conscientiously by following the principles of the indestructible principles he has deliberately resorted to; I call that man a man of independent mind who is defending himself from the tyranny of society; Which does not subdue the opinion of men; Who considers himself bound to give his account to a higher judge than man; Who respects higher conduct than folklore and who considers himself so humane? That he does not allow many or a few to be instrumental or enslaved. I consider the same man to be of independent mind Who, having taken faith from the Lord and the power of virtue has removed the brother of all things except for wrongdoing;  Which no calamity or difficulty can frighten Which can remain calm in the midst of storms And in spite of the destruction of everything which does not lose its stability of mind. I consider the man an independent mind who throws away obedience from habits; Which does not just repeat the past by clinging to old ideas like a machine; Which does not depends on the old virtues Who does not enslave himself to certain rules; Who later forgets by quickly recognizing inappropriate things; Which focuses on the innovative and higher teachings of the conscience his mind And who passionately enjoys do efforts innovating and excelling? I consider a man of an independent mind who protects his freedom and considers the kingdom of freedom to be especially better than the kingdom of the world. Every human being knows that there are two kinds of nature in him. One nature is always in search of good, true, and excellent things. Is a high, advanced and immortal organ Which is the idol of the Lord; Which is a spiritual organ And that the powers of the soul are an attraction to its Creator. The second nature is its beastly organ and it pulls man towards the degenerate state. It does not create ambition. But it has stay immersed in the mud of sensuality. Like an animal, he is aware of only one rule. And there is only one bridge to eating, drinking, and do enjoy the fun. When he did not stay hungry or thirsty Or when he is very well fed, he stays calm, and gets sleeps down healthy like a sheep. Sometimes we see him calmed down; But when it has become a hungry dance Then he screams for food. You can't argue with him Because argument cannot penetrate into his gross intellect at all. He just only knows how to satisfy his hunger You can't even awaken his self-esteem. Because he doesn't even have the small less of that instinct. He does not touch the character, masculinity, or spirituality in the slightest.   

It Is Important To Cultivate Self-Restraint

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