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Disruptive Strategy Examples

 Disruptive Strategy Examples

Homer and Milton were two of the three greatest heroic poets in the world; when the third Dante was blind later  - not at all. It often seems that some great men do not divide their power behind many things, But God had broken some of his limbs just to concentrate on one task.
How to win overcome difficulties
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   As the well-known scientist puts it, "I have always felt that I am on the verge of discovery when an obstacle that seems to be never to be crossed stands in front of me."

     Returned with thanks. ’Returning books with such remarks have made many men librarians. Failure often leads to success by awakening the latent power of human beings, stimulating their ambitions, and awakening their dormant powers.

     Do as the wind storm does in relation to the swan - that is, it lifts it high - do the same thing that the anti-critic does in your relationship - lifts you high.

     The great English lawyer Pemberton Lee, in relation to the poverty he endured in his childhood and the hard work he had to do, said, "It was great preparation for the harvest to be harvested later. So I learned to regard relentless hard work as an invaluable tool for victory and economic freedom as an essential tool for virtue and happiness. We must be willing to make whatever sacrifices we can to overcome the debt crisis.

      When Napoleon's comrades began to ridicule him for being born of a lower caste and for his poverty, he became fully engrossed in the study of books and, in a short time, earned the respect of those who excelled him in scholarship. In a very short time, it came to be regarded as the most special shining gem of that class.

    A great legislator says that if a young man wants to be a good lawyer, he should live like a sage and work like a horse. Nothing benefits a young lawyer as much as staying half-hungry.

     Many people are not able to do anything because they do not have to deal with obstacles and do not have to work on the difficulties that put them in motion. This is the reason why thousands of such people with natural powers have failed in the world. No matter how hard we try to acquire our business, we should not fall back on it.

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     Poverty and underdevelopment are not insurmountable obstacles, but often it promotes lazy human beings as well as strengthen the mind and body.

     A modern teacher asks, do you prefer a life without crisis? If you choose that kind of life, you want to live a half-life and die. You can't imagine how much power you have without crisis. Humans learn nothing by floating on the table. Should go deep into the water and endure the impact of the waves. The crisis is the birthplace of masculinity and self-confidence. The crisis is strict teachers and strong teachers make their disciples strong. The man who spends his life in bliss and goes to the crematorium without sorrow loses half his life in vain. Troubles are God's messages, and when they are sent to us, we see them as evidence of God's trust in us. We should make the most of it. "

     "Produce enemies if you want to prosper," says Talleyrand.
    ‘When nature also increases intelligence when difficulties increase.`                           -Emerson
       ‘The reason for the greatness of many men is their enormous difficulties`                    -Surgeon
       `Just as trashing flowers give off a special fragrance, disruption leads to greater well-being.`   -Rogers
        Crisis gives light to man as night gives light to the stars.`                                      -Yung
         Probably never achieves success without opposition. Power is always aggressive and always achieves something.'                                                                                                          - Holmes
     As man has to endure more and more internal and external obstacles, his life becomes more important and especially encouraging. `                                                                            -Horace Bushnell
     The intelligence that is hidden in happy coincidences shines in times of crisis.` Horace
   `Gold is tested in fire and man is tested in times of crisis.` -Sirach
      However, losses and crises are  extremely difficult lessons; but the teachings that come from it are not
           Found anywhere else.`                                                                                  -Burns
     `Wealth strengthens the mind and adversity strengthens It.`                                                -Hazel
     `The reason for the rise of great men is adversity No man has advanced himself in cremation peace.` -John Neal

     We must love our enemies; that is excellent teaching. Because often they are our friends in the form of the enemy. When friends give us false praise, they give us the truth. His harsh criticism and harsh rebuke often satisfy the need for a mirror. And we see our true form. These cruel stings and bruises push us towards greater victory and extra noble effort. Friends cover up our faults and seldom rebuke us, but enemies bring our faults to light without the slightest mercy. 

     We are the winners of our opponents. Our opponents have developed in us the power to conquer them. If we do have not opponents so we cannot become determined and strong.  The man who has won difficulties has the signs of victory over his mouthpiece, the imprint of victory is visible in his every activity.

How To Use Your Disrutuons

       To see the honest man who is facing in the face of adversity it is rare even for God.

       When God wants to teach a man, He does not send him to a school full of resources but sends in the schools of scarcity. Crisis and imprisonment got Joseph on the throne. We still do not know exactly how much power there is in the will of the half-goddess mankind. Unless we have an experienced of shortage and need. Until then we do not realize the God in our hearts.

      Smiles say that victory is born out of the effort to win difficulties. There are no difficulties, there is no victory. The main reason for man lies in the difficulties that compel him to try. The progress of the individual, as well as the people, is possible only through difficulties. Difficulties have given birth to too many modern mechanical inventions and improvements.

    Waters states that the effort to acquire knowledge and progress in the world strengthens our minds; regulates our powers our comparability makes completes; And gives us freedom of thought and character power.

    Addison says the gods put troubles around us. So we have the opportunity to use our secret power and our good virtues in secret are revealed in the simple times of peace.

    From the hut when ten thousand intelligent, talented and virtuous men shine; then from the palaces, barely a single man shines.

    Crisis frightens fools and frustrates cowards; while it draws out the powers of wise and industrious men. And forcing the ordinary to exercise his intellect. Crisis frightens the rich and makes the lazy industrialist. Success and advancement without difficulties do not make a man truly useful and happy.

     Not rest but effort and flexibility but difficulties alone produce true men. Hard work -earned education is the price of great success and the slow development of great character is its special essential part.

     In the tropics even the most beautiful and strongest men do not develop; because their people get ready-made bread on the tree and it becomes very difficult for hard work. The most beautiful and strong men are born in a cold zone. Mexico is rich in minerals but also poor, but  England is rich in mountainous and icy terrain also. Yet this is not an accidental event but an event created according to the law of nature. Extreme need, the war for resources, and an invaluable aid in the form of poverty - these things develop masculinity. And pulling him out from the wildness makes man cultural. Diligence has also turned the forest into a beautiful garden.

    Everything is sacrificed for the development of good character. The inanimate matter is not in any calculation; Status is not taken into account. And prestige is not in calculate. Because the character is everything. Everything in this vast world is the nourishment of man.

     `Only hard work develops a true man. Things that seem appealing to us from afar and that we work hard to achieve; we get that nature immediately loses the attraction to the first object by placing in front of us something more attractive than that.

    There is a kind of extraordinary precious force in the deepest part of our heart that it is from a delicate place (the deepest part of the heart) that God's blows do not disintegrate. Until then we ourselves rarely know it and care for it. Need not to dig before gems can be found on the earth?                                                                            -Mrs. Haymans

Never do the foolish thing of doubling the strength of a catastrophic enemy by panicking when even the dearest thing in your heart is suddenly destroyed but is patient. Because the real thing is in the effort; Not into the get .‘      `Many well-known and great men have sanctified it by communicating with sorrow and studying in the school of sorrow.

`So also congratulate the obstacle that makes your path difficult; Respect every bite that does not allow you to sit or stand but forces you to walk.`                                                                                                              -Browning

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