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How Do Work And Be Patient Can Help You Live a Better Life

How Do Work And Be Patient Can Help You Live a Better Life    

 The man who keeps patients gets all things.

     Lack of integrity and consistency is a major flaw of this age. How many young men and women are willing to spend enough time preparing for their life's work Just got a little bit of education - got a little bit of parrot knowledge in the book that they are ready to do business immediately.

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    Can't Stop: This is the prime feature of this century and the word seems to be written on everything. The same words are written above business, education, society, and religion. We can't wait for a high school or high school education; The boy cannot stop being young; As well young,  cannot stop being a man Every man is in a hurry. Even buildings are built so fast that they do not last long And everything is made just for sale.    

Pope says: `Incomplete knowledge is a terrible thing. Either drink enough knowledge or don't taste it at small. Small sips provoke the brain. dinking ample of it calms down. Tricks to cover up ignorance and If we mistake, our weakness will be exposed. How Do Work And Be Patient Can Help You Live a Better Life Such a constant fear, it put a really miserable situation? Today there has woken up huge consumption of short routes and abbreviated systems. But Stopping more time to expand your energy. That is the real solution to shorten the path to success there is.

     If you are not ready to take advantage of the opportunity, the opportunity will ridicule you. To use of the good opportunity in how many proportions for will have got trained to yourself. It will be just how much precious to you.  Always be alert to the terrible speed of doing upper rough work and speaking without thinking. Many young people have misunderstood the in-depth study of the ease of speaking and the hard work of handicrafts the wrong way believe.

At this time, there is a need for men who have the courage and strength to work and be patient, regardless of the world's condemnation or praise. The foundation of everything that can stand the test of time must be made deep and strong. The most special expense is incurred in building the foundation of the building in the city of Rome.                           

This is how we should also lay the foundation of every good deed. Many parts of every successful life go to putting in the foundation.

   That is, success is the fruit of hard work and perseverance. Perfection is achieved only through hard work and patience. Toleration does a better test of character than any act of bravery.

How will we be on an extraordinary occasion?  It mostly depends on what we are now recently

and what we are now is the result of our first self-education. `                     -H. P. Liden

Excellent preparation should be kept before starting every work. `                   -Cicero

Many intelligent men have developed slowly Oak trees that live for a thousand years do not develop All of a sudden beauty by nailing anything like a bar   - George Henry Lewis

Make good use of your qualities so that they will grow to make good use of whatever knowledge you have and you will gain special knowledge                                              -Arnold

He who is patient in wisdom receives good things                                      -Thoro

Impatience is the worst kind of speed                                                -Churchill

Haste feeds the tumble and And binds and hinders                          -Seneca

Those who run too fast fall on the road and who have not got time to cultivate excellent ideas How can they hope for a harvest of excellent virtues?          -Thoro

The education which enables man to perform all the tasks in public and for himself and for peace and war, honestly, skillfully, and in a noble way; is the education that I call excellent.                                                                                                                 –Milton

The safest way to excel and succeed in any business is through proper pre-education, diligent pursuit of the art of learning, and the labor required to use it. - Edward Everett

As you gain more knowledge; Also, you can protect yourself and your property and work more with less effort.                                                                          -Charles Kingsley

    Men who claim to have intelligence by looking at the work done by an industrious and diligent man are ashamed.

A wealthy nobleman who started his career without a even single dollar. "For many years, I was Sticking with my business as soon as the sun rose," he said. And often he does not leave without working for fifteen or eighteen hours.

     Festina lent` (hurry up from slowly) is a beautiful Latin motto. Patience makes the silk from mulberry leaves.

    The work that is done well is done quickly. How Do Work And Be Patient Can Help You Live a Better Life? And the fruit that ripens quickly rots It rots quickly. Anyone who wants to use the fruit has no need to collect flowers. Those who are in a hurry to become masters are more likely to become slaves. Be lazy by assuming yourself to be intelligent and that it is better to do work foolishly.  Get incomplete knowledge for five to six years in school. Then that, a year more   Contemplate well is better.  The ordinary poor student believe that I graduated so I would impress the whole world; But after graduating, who knows which corner of the world contains. That doesn't find his address. Every thought must be done patiently, not hastily. The man with a stomach to rub does not walk the forest but also develops their own mental and moral powers education is a must-have, and only with his help will he become a true perfect human being. Ignorance means not only a lack of knowledge but also opposite knowledge. Bulwark says that to advance in knowledge is like to step gate out from sin. and to take a step to remove from sin is to draw close to heaven.

    Many boys who are very ordinary have become extraordinary men, But those who want to do extraordinary things should Its foundation should be laid from childhood. Just as a human being has a special job, he can do special work; Because so he Learns of parsimony of time

     A wise Pandit states that to obtain capital needs labor work which patience needs to assume;  which comes to the power of measuring price;  The sympathy that is generated towards other hardworking men; the common man how much effort it takes to get even eight money realized this; All of that stimulates him to retain wealth. But which young farmer hates farming; they do not like Planting and reaping; The slow and quiet way of acquiring a small but secure property in one's homeland that has not been spent And who comes to the city in the hope of To rob mammon's treasures and becoming quite rich; Its  lot crises do not remain

     The path to glory is made only through self-sacrifice and hard work for many years.

     Carlyle says, “Even though your condition is more miserable than all the people on earth, your life is not a false dream but a serious truth that is your own life. It will have to satisfy you forever; So work as same a constellation without rushing and without delay.

     Are the results so many far away that your preparation is going to waste, no goes? How Do Work And Be Patient Can Help You Live a Better Life Though like that you believe you are prepared is keeping postpone Or canceling it is how big mistake What will be the result if the farmer postpones planting till summer instead of planting in the monsoon? The man who desires to enjoy health sows the seeds of disease in his body.  And then when his wish comes, he hopes to be free from its effects and get rid of the disease; then think of the extent to which his hope will be successful. The great physician Nelaton used to say, "Even if I have four minutes to perform the surgery on which on life-based, I should take a minute to think about how to perform the operation in the best possible way." The treasures of strength that lead us out of great jeopardy can only be accumulated through long-term work and long-term patience. Collier says that the accumulation of treasures of power in this way is a kind of work accomplishment. When you feel that, if not as much work as possible can be done at this time, the precious thing will be lost; Then you have the power to do the most work; Always working of doing well way, And also on the occasion of the end to have the habit of having the power to act in the best manner, And having the power to stand in the battle for a long time and to assume that we still have some strength and to have never assumed that we have never been defeated is the name of the treasure of power to have power. The man who does not have this store of power is defeated forever.

     Also in the search for truth and the build of character the same principle applies in science and literature. In the world, even trivial things sometimes work wonders for the reasons mentioned above; But the general norm is that the man who has set out in search of the best pearls is the one who is shown the pearls of great value by natural jewelers.

     In other words, the three main elements that lead to success in mental and physical exertion are labor, patience, and perseverance. And the biggest element in it is perseverance.

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