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Educating Our Future

Educating Our Future

What Should Our Schools And Teachers Be Like

      Many great men at the sitting pinnacle on fame are considered to be the producers of some great ideas and works; But tomorrow, when the label of his name fades away, the word "mother" engraved in deep letters on the soul of those great thoughts and deeds comes to the fore. In fact, the mother whose sons are applauded by the peoples may do not even know the mother at all!

      The first thing President Garfield did after taking office was to bow to his aged mother. He used to say, "I am like, and the reason for what everything I have is my mother." "One of my mother's kisses made me a painter," said Benjamin West. "If the whole world were to be placed on one side and my mother on the other, The plat of the world will go higher."

    As soon as we are born, the world begins to affect us and that work continues to the end, ‘Gete said’

    Shakespeare says that "our disgusted souls of the world become convinced of the tongue in the trees, the books in the flowing springs, the sermons in the stones and the good in everything."

     The best part of our education we get from the Goddess of Nature and it takes a heavy penalty from us for keeping ourselves confined in the city. We cannot get clean and healthy air of nature by staying in the city; As well as cannot learn lessons from hilarious birds, whales, flowers, valleys, forests, beads, and hills. The world is the great school of nature. It develops humans; life makes hilarious and empowers humans. The medicine of all diseases is in it and those who stay away from its cohabitation must pay a fine. Moreover, how much part of his humanity is forever shrunk; His vision limits become narrower and shorter and his teaching remains incomplete. Strength of muscles, nerves, and all other organs, the strength of endurance, courage, agility are all qualities obtained from village air-water. The civic life of the city harms the physical and moral of man. Improvement sawed more in the city but power becomes less. Education saws more but their tightening is little. Beauty looks special but strength is low. The feeling is special but wisdom is little. Books are more but knowledge is less. Reading is plentiful but intelligence is scarce. There is plenty of information but little power to act. There is plenty of imagination but perseverance ideas are very less, There is more tenderness but less perseverance. Newspapers are read a lot but memory power and perception are scarce. It is very easy to meet a man's partner but there is less compassion. Gestures and sweetness of the mouth are better than making but there is an inverse tendency inside. Even though there is one thing inside, the art of showing another expression is more in the mouth and face, But the desire and effort to increase the art-virtues-divine wealth of understanding and cultivating high interest is meager. The coexistence of forests, mountains, rivers, and seas has made the ancient Aryan sages fond of seeing and speaking of supernatural truths and how much he must have done to help others reach the heights it talk can hardly urban, muddle, selfish be understood by intellectuals who are.

     Alexander the Great said, I am grateful to my father for my life. But I am thankful to my teachers for my excellent life.

     Shortly before Linkan was appointed president, he lectured in Norwich listening to his subtle arguments then had a profound effect on a man. The next day, when he met him on the train, he asked, "Where did you get such amazing power of argument and such precision to analyze?" Linkan replied `I was achieved terribly disappointed so I got those powers. When I went to study law as a teenager, I realized that the job of a lawyer is often to prove or break a lawsuit. I asked the question in my mind `Lincoln! some talk has been proved that when is it said? I couldn't get a response. Proven when told was it? Testimony is not proof. Even if the testimony is sufficient, But in what is the proof? You would be just remembered the ancient story of that German. He was being investigated for one crime and half a dozen prominent men were done to stood in to testify against him. He informed Promisingly that the man had committed a crime. The man replied, "He testified against me, so what happened?" Six men swear that they have seen me commit a crime, but I have more than two dozen gentlemen who are willing to swear that they have not seen me commit this crime. so that where is the proof?  I pondered this question and finally said in my mind `Ah! Lincoln you can not say? Then I thought, if I can't say when one thing has been proven, what is the use of studying law? What thinking this I gave up the study and returned home to Kentucky. Shortly after I returned to the old wooden hut, then in a short time by chance I found a copy of the geometry. I didn’t even know what geometry was. So I was curious to know. In the end, I got the knowledge but it was not an easy task. I looked at the scripture but it was full of lines and angles and circles etc. I did not understand even a little. So I started from scratch and got the full knowledge before spring came. Then in the spring, I do questions in mind, "Why, can you tell when one thing will be proved?" And the response came from my mind that `Yes sir! Now I can say. Now you have permission to study law. After that, I went back to study law.

        `A good mother is equal to one hundred teachers’.                                       -George Herbert

     By studying the biographies of men, especially those who have become great and excellent by gaining importance and usefulness through hard work enthusiasm and high thoughts make such a character flourish. Because the special purpose of reproducing the excellence that those characters describe as excellence is to have an excellent effect and a direct attitude have assumed.  -Harris Man

     Which had the power of creation in the body of clay that clay had become back into the dust And then the ages of ages had gone flowed; But even so, the moral and intellectual truths revealed by it (through the character of great human beings) still shine their divine light on the path of greatness and glory, zeal, and inspiring other men to follow the same heavenly path.                           -Edward Everett

     Does Fidias live alone in his work! His Jupiter comes back even today: Awaken even one of the divine men in the tomb so you will see the thoughts of Phidias in him. The Upanishads and the Gita, the Ramayana, the Qur'an, and the Bible, and the Iliad, may all be erased from the face of the earth; But every high thought and action described in it will always be immortal and illuminated. The biographies of great men remind us that we ourselves have the power to elevate our lives and to leave an immortal imprint of our footsteps on the sands of time.                                                                   –Longfellow

     Excerpts from everything I've seen and heard have entered in me.                              – Tennyson

     No man or woman can fully develop his or her humanity without the help of society. Sunlight and rain are just as useful as seeds. Equally, society is useful as useful to the person. He develops it; Extends; Blossoms it and brings out its power. He gets opportunity from other human beings, every human being is a beacon for him. It burns some new wood in it that was not lit by the next chandelier. The fire in the universe without the aggregate remains covered forever.

     Ambition to make progress and constant effort to be advanced give education to us perseverance, wisdom, frugality, and courage. In fact it develops in our strong and high qualities. It would have been unbearable to live in any society if this war of progress had not taken place. One cannot even imagine the dire consequences of his absence. From the destruction of gravity in the world, which results in same the results will come due to stopped effort for progress will come from being. Doing so will destroy everything; Doing so will destroy everything; Lazy and inertia will spread everywhere; There will be no adventure and progress and people will go wild again. The effort for this progress educates all men in thousands of ways.

     Honestly, there is so much education in trying to get material! The effort for the achievement of wealth give us the education of diligence, frugality, selflessness, and self-control. It is a thousand times more valuable than matter. The man who desires wealth is compelled to constantly bring to light his supreme and noble qualities in an effort to achieve it. He has to constantly try to adapt to the situation around him. He often has to deal again and again with petty details. So his brain is a butcher. Due to his Immediate determination to act immediately, his humanity develops as he always causes of performing to duty.

     Defeats and defeats make a great development of our character. He is the one who has made human beings great men by giving them tremendous muscle, strong limbs, and very subtle intelligence.

     Burke said, "I have not become a member of the state because of the excellent upbringing and luxuries. From crisis achieves great success. My main motto is, In the belly of the tools of human need are hidden the tools of special excellent teaching by the gracious nature. Are included. And it is nature that pushes man forward by discovering and explaining new needs, and thus the effort to meet the needs of human beings develops the character that nature wants to bring into it. Humans are naturally lazy and therefore to nurture their languishing ambitions, To remove laziness arising from relaxation, and to encourage it he needs great stimulant therapy to do it in power. Human beings have always been pushed forward in the field of work only because of the wound of the divine aid of poverty.

       Which education does not produce perseverance, courage, perseverance, and self-control it cannot be considered sufficient for the necessities of human life.

     C. W. Elliott says that "the fruit of higher education is not knowledge but the desire and power to acquire knowledge - not knowledge but power."

        Emerson called it the land of opportunity it is higher than the land of America in many ways Living in such Hind land is a kind of encouragement, a kind of education.

      In a country that awakens people from vices and ignorance and encourages virtue and industry, the great medicine of poverty grows out of freely. Leaders who could not be found in any other country of the world in terms of virtues like selflessness, austerity, skill, philanthropy, tolerance, self-restraint, etc. being present in the country, they are ordering to move forward with speech and self character. And in a country where innumerable tools are inviting us to show our strength in every direction, how can any man be lazy in that country?

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