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The Power Of The Mind

 The Power Of The Mind

     A man told Napoleon that` is just an imagination. On hearing this, Napoleon replied, "Yes, it is only imagination; But imagination alone rules the world.

    One dog had died, says a forensic scientist; He was revived by injecting fresh blood from another dog into his body He stood up, for a moment he fluttered his tail and then died again.

    Twenty-six years old weak horse the blood of four sheep was added into the body. So he immediately began to manifest new power and new life. In this way, if a new thought or spirit is introduced into a mind that has been rendered lifeless by carelessness, indifference, disease, error, or despair, it may immediately become enthusiastic, But in the end, this Rama as same Rama become happens. Yes, if there is any consciousness in such a human being, then by adding innovation, he assumes a new life; And rotates the whole body. That human body becomes that thoughtful or that emotional. Even the weakest human being becomes strong by assuming great thought; The cowards become heroic men and the man of uncertain mind becomes strong determined.

    When an Indian warrior is tormented Indian warrior sings joyful songs; Praises his own deeds and dies without showing any sign of suffering.

   A few years ago a poor woman in Paris was bitten by a dog in Notre Dame. She was taken to Hotel Du and his wound was came to heal. A few months later a student met him on the road and said I am surprised to see you alive. The dog that was bitted to you was rabid. The poor woman immediately began to tremble. Immediately the physician Bukoy was called but he could do nothing. The woman died shortly after!

   How much power does thought or spirit, conviction or determination, have in resisting or preventing the disease from progressing? As well as fear, how much power it has to increase and aggravate the disease and even to cause death in time, It is also not unknown to them. Every physician knows that it is possible for a timid, uncertain, and fickle-minded person to be infected. So half-possible but also courageous and strong-willed men It is not meant to be connected. When even doctors were afraid to go to hospitals Napoleon often went there and laid his hands on the body of a plague patient. That said, a man who is not afraid can defeat the plague.

   Seneca was often afflicted with an incurable disease but he said, "My father would not bear the brunt of my death." And that thought was prevented me from killing and I commanded myself to live. And he also lived! Sir Walter Scott was heavily indebted pressed at the age of fifty-five. Even though he was not in good health at the time, he decided to pay the pie. This determination gave courage to his every mental and physical strength and all his powers were aroused and rushed to his defense. Every one of his veins and fibers said that the debt should be paid. And it paid off also true. Which has such a strong will-run power in the body It is difficult to get a place for mourning in it. It prevents disease progression and even removes back death. Humboldt says: `There will come a time when we will look at a sick man with the same contempt we as same have seeing thief and we seeing to liar person; Because the first power is as much under the power of the mind as much the second under the power and deserves as much improvement as the same. Although this opinion is very strict, there is no doubt that the mind has a strong power over the body. Anger changes the chemicals in the saliva in the mouth and turns it into poison and it harms life. It is a well-known fact that sudden and intense emotions cause a man's hair to turn white in just a few hours. Not only that but so does madness And death also happens. Stanley and his men had difficulties suffered greatly in the jungles of Africa. "Now our crisis is over," Stanley said and one of his men became so happy when we came close to the sea on the opposite side that became ecstatic and fled to the nearby forest and was never seen again! Every emotion makes the human body either make beautiful or ugly. Anxiety, anger, uncontrollable psychosis, obsession, dissatisfaction, dishonesty, untruth, jealousy, enmity, fear, every one of these emotions affect the body. And adds poison into it Makes it unsightly. James, a professor at Harvard who is very good at psychology, says that no matter how small he is after good deeds or bad deeds, he leaves his mark on the body. In fact, nothing we do is erased. We look with compassion and disbelief at the man who destroys his power by using intoxicants and corrupts and destroys his body. On the other hand, even by crimes that make us look innocent, we make our bodies unsightly Being angry once does more harm to our body and character than drinking alcohol once. Jealousy, resentment, anger, unbridled grief, anxiety do more harm to the body and mind than the habit of drinking beedi that has been in vogue.

    Who knows the secrets of strong will? God is also the only great willpower residing in all things. Man is subdued only by the weakness of his own will. `                             -Joseph Glenville
    Health is physical chastity. From the teacher for disobeying of obedience, the girls as shamed enduring the blows of the reed So much shame should come to human beings for the disease caused by their own stupidity Should yield.                                                                 -Mrs. Cheney
     To do wishing to become healed is also an excellent medicine. `                                    -Seneca
      An excellent mind also makes the body excellent.                                                    –Shakespeare
   Valor is a kind of herb; The sublimity of the mind heals the wound even better than the ointment.                                                                                                                                –Cartright

     Apart from the habit of drinking and smoking, there are many other ways to ruin the body. Lack of self-control, subjugation to petty lusts, thoughts of lust આવા such vices કાર do even more harm to life than deeds that are normally condemned. Working as hard as a quiet animal, so by doing half-working one angry dog Or a bad-tempered horse gets tired and exhausted. Bad cows do not give milk properly and bad-tempered sheep do not grow well. Truly a great prophet attains longevity through 5 auspicious deeds. And the man who does evil only to bring himself to near-death: in these words, the most excellent principle of health is revealed. Nothing helps as much as perseverance and strong will helps to achieve health and success. It is a medicine that gives constant health to the body and mind. It heals the body and empowers it to endure hardships, disappointments, and worries. It is an equilibrium maintainer cycle. It does coincide with all the movements and actions of the body and mind and stabilizes them do resists constant destructive shocks; That pushes often throw even men of stable mind away from your orbit. And produces unhealthiness in them instead of health. In mind-kingdom willpower is a great Bureaucratic. If this bureaucrat is weak and unstable then there is no regularity or healthiness in the mind and body. If this bureaucrat wields his power with all controlling strongly run his might only then is regularity and well-being maintained in the physical, mental and moral realm. A weak bureaucrat cannot enforce even good laws and so there is always uncertainty and chaos in his territory.

     which capability is in willpower to resist diseases or maintain health from it the second number comes to the strongly believe capability. London's Lestat, the world's leading medical journal, says a madam had become mad at the loss of her beloved in her youth. He had no sense of time. She always used to say, પ્ર My darling has just left me. People explained it a lot but it didn't turn out to be one or two. She stood at the window for days, months of months, and years of years waiting for her beloved to come. I'm still young because of the firm belief that she was a young woman who only saw him a few years ago. He states that his age is not more than twenty years; When in fact she now becomes seventy-five years old. Even in old age if we knew to use the mind what power he has to keep us young!

     Fear kills even the strongest man and courage is the medicine that gives strength. The doctors blindfold an English criminal and set him on a table and he instinctively wounded one of his hands and started pouring hot water down from there. And he said to the criminal, This blood comes out of your body. The offender believed this to be true; But in fact, no blood came out of his wound. The thing that made him feel hot was the edge of the hot water made by the doctors, but the man died of fear. He knows that there was water instead of blood in the vessel arranged below, so if the bandage had been removed from his eye for just one moment, he would not have died and would have been healed.

     Great ideas have an amazing power to enhance beauty, improve behavior, keep the situation from affecting man and keep him free from the incapacity of old age. Among the great scientists, the great reformers, and the great diplomats we see the power that produces this longevity. No human being can be happy, healthy, and holy by overeating and living a vicious life. The whole face bears the mark of mourning from the death of self-esteem. Evil thoughts make face unsightly. Anger is the mother's body introduces toxins into the baby's body; Makes him sick and makes him suffer immensely. Painful, irritable, angry, restless, restless patients sometimes due to coming to a friendly nature friend or a cheerful doctor or the news of getting big wealth quite changes drastically. Your terrible pain is gone, the light shines on their mouths and they smile instead of angry. Such a complete change is possible only with mental strength, without taking any medicine or treatment. We go to the dentist there that often the toothache stops immediately. Don't believe this thing that you're sick, never say to people that I'm sick, and you never accept this thing yourself," says Bulver. Illness should be done always rejected. If you want to be strong, never say I am sick; And if you always want to stay fresh, never say that I'm tired. Because even such acceptance has a bad effect on the body. Fear is the worst of all mild mental disorders. It was worshiped by the ancients as a god, but in modern times it is regarded as the enemy of mankind as much as in proportion is assumed it. To that proportion that it causes human disquiet and disease. Fear and anxiety ruin the blood cells in the bloodstream and if they (blood particles) become less than or equal to a certain amount, they bring the same disease and death. Who can estimate it How many different kinds of pain, anxiety, and grief are caused by fear? Many girls are often told that their parents died of tuberculosis and they will die of the same disease. They believe surely this talk to be true and so they lose their precious lives.

     Many men of a fragile nature due to suffering from acrimonious trauma to the heart Have fallen into the clutches of a terrible disease. Hearing news of the sudden death of her beloved husband often hurts women who are fragile in nature and have assumer of strong feelings and become faints. Doing extreme anger can climbing up to the brain to bleed and even die. By Spending an entire night in anguish often healthy people have fallen victim to incurable diseases. Persistent grief, prolonged intense jealousy, constant anxiety, and extreme depression sometimes cause canker sores! Thoughts of illness and contemplation of illness naturally nourish diseases and toxic molecules increase in the blood the tendency to commit a crime is born and nurtured. As we protect our homes from thieves and epidemics, instead of standing up opposite to the disease and banishing every weak thought, we easily fall prey to the disease by waiting for the symptoms of both diseases and thinking about them. In doing so, the immune system becomes weakened. From birth to death, instead of waging war against our fallen enemies, we love them and we deliberately invite them by making ourselves their special victims. Everyone knows how much fear affects certain patients, especially those suffering from heart disease. Thinking about heart disease slows down the heart and weakens its power. Doctors sometimes assume that you have felt heart disease and while studying medicine, students many times believed sits that, the same disease we study has applied to us. A resident of Philadelphia suffers from an incurable disease and out of fear consulted a doctor, But when he realized that the roaring sound he was making when he was sighing was the sound of a tiny cup of tights holding his trousers tight, he was completely healed!

    The physicians say that men always think of themselves; Doing penance for themselves and are guarding for the smallest symptom of the disease they never enjoy perfect health.     

   There is no power other than willpower that can more take than education. Or which can digest education more quickly. in spite of, though, it is rarely taught in school and high school! No other power helps as much as it does in instilling good or bad habits. But we seldom cultivate that power. Our success or failure depends on it; Our happiness or sorrow depends on it; But we often keep that power in an uneducated state; With the strong yoga of that power we can get into the habit of accuracy or inaccuracy, truth or untruth, honesty or dishonesty, industry or laziness, restraint or carelessness, humility or savagery, concentration or much sincerity. This the only power that is the cause of all the differences between human beings and animals. Jealousy sometimes makes a man with a beautiful face looks makes a terrible appearance. Hate and dislike sometimes make a happy home become utterly sad. People become bewildered and sad when they read the false telegram of the death of a dear friend-the false telegram has the same effect as the true telegram, And the joy of hearing the good news is just as great.

  It happens as a man thinks in his own mind. Body composition according to thought, the constitution is done. If a young woman wants to achieve beauty, she should not think of the ugliness nor should he contemplate terribly misdeeds for if he did so his terrible idols would be expressed on his own face and in his own behavior; Nor cannot get elegance to be achieved by walking awkwardly just as we cannot get perfection by thinking of imperfection In the same way we cannot get health by contemplating disease.

     We should always have a high goal of health and wellness in front of our minds.

 Boys need to learn from childhood to build a strong wall between themselves and disease by inculcating the idea of health, high thinking, and holy life. He needs to learn to banish from his mind all the thoughts of death, all the fantasies of disease, all the feelings of discomfort, and all the evil mental disorders like hatred, envy, jealousy, revenge, and lust, etc. Rather than banishing them from the tendency to do evil need to learn. They need to be taught that bad eating and bad air make the blood worse. Bad blood makes bad flesh and corrupt flesh makes bad policy. They should be taught that holy thoughts are as useful as pure life equally useful health ideas are for a healthy body. Strengthening their morale And it is necessary to teach them to do as much as they can against their own enemies. Sick people need to be taught to be hopeful, pious, and happy. There are limits to our thoughts and our powers. No man’s success or health reaches out of the limits of his own faith. Normally we tie the coat in front of ourselves. All over the world, there are children just like parents. Each evil thought gives birth to another evil thought and each of them always produces its own offspring just like its own and ultimately, it is from such offspring that a man's conscience emerges.

  To maintain the youth and beauty of the body by listening, to keep the body strong and healthy, to rejuvenate it and there is undoubtedly an amazing power in the mind to prevent it from being destroyed for many years to come. In general, only men and women who have made great mental and moral progress live special life. They live in a region of higher life where the anxiety, anguish, and unrest that destroy so many lives do not even exist. Who desires to attain happiness and longevity; who wants to stay young, fresh, beautiful, and shapely for a long time and those who wish to attain physical and mental health should purify their conscience, cultivate their mind, and purify their body. He should become calm and virtuous. The temple of one's soul should not be unholy by vices and defiled by lust. The mind is the natural protector of the body. World maker has left the entire human race at the mercy of only a dozen herbs. That talk cannot be believed. The many pains we endure, God has given us a divine medicine to cure many of them. If we only learn to use our willpower and our mindpower well, we can stay young and happy for hundreds of years.

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