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How To Collect Courage

 How To Collect Courage 

     In the battle of Alma, the soldiers retreated, but one of the flag-bearers stood in front of the army holding the flag. So the general shouted, "Bring the flag." But the flag-bearer shouted, "Bring the soldiers to the flag." It is the religion of our human beings to have courage, to have courage again, and to have courage again and again. 'Such was the case against the enemies of France, including the same words.                            
How to get the courage
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   One day in 1950 CE, a group of surveyors was having a meal in a forest in northern Virginia; suddenly, a woman's heartbreaking scream struck them. The screams were heard very quickly and the men ran to find out why. The woman shouted at an eighteen-year-old man who looked like an older man, "I hope you help me with something." Explain to these friends to leave me. My boy, my poor boy is drowning and these people are not letting me go. 'One of the men holding him said:' releasing him is a foolish thing to do. Hearing that if he jumped into the river he would be instantly destroyed in the rushing water, the young man threw down his coat, jumped to the river bank, and for a minute calculated the height of the rocks of the river with sharp eyes and observed the force of the water; And then notable a piece of the boy's clothes jumped into the water with a roar. Seeing this, his mother cried out. ‘Oh my God! This man will save my baby! And all the men ran to the river bank. That's it! Ray my boys! That is my dear son! How can I live without you? ’But the eyes of all the men turned to the young man, taking a bath in the deepest vortex of water with a strong heart and hope. For a moment it seemed as if he were about to fall into a cliff, and for a moment it seemed as if he would not be able to get out. Twice the boy disappeared, but when he reappeared he was very close to a very dangerous part of the river where the water was flowing very fast. And no boat ever dared to go to this place for fear of being hit by a rock. The young man began to work with double strength. Two or three times, even though he came close to the child, he would cut him off with the force of the water. Eventually a dominant effort; He grabbed the baby with his strong right hand, But the two young men went up the waterfall and disappeared into the shallow water, and a scream of fear came out of the mouths of every man. Look! Is safe! O, my Lord! Thank you! Undoubtedly they came out of the terrible water a short time later friends who came to a shallow place near the shore pulled him out. The child was alive despite being unconscious and the young man was exhausted and very exhausted. The woman said: “The Lord will give you what you need. In return for the great work you have done today, God will reward you for your great work and shower you with thousands of blessings. 'This was George Washington, the savior of young America. 

Taking courage in times of crisis is like winning half the battle.                  –Plots
       Capital is attained only by the adventurous man.                            –Daayton
 "The Spartans did not check the number of enemies, they only checked where they were."                                                                                                                 -Second Aegis

'Hey, friend! You will never sail your ship to danger; Turn your ship towards God.'                                                                                                                   -Emerson

   I will die in the face of the enemy.’ ‘Whoever wins me, I will be a stubborn enemy.’       -Byron                                                 
 "It is your bravery to stand with your smile on your face in a place where you cannot escape."                                                                                                     -F. W. Robertson     
  ‘The man of the uncertain mind has done no great work.’                            -George Elliott 

      It needs to takes courage to endure opposition, defeat, humiliation, ridicule, hatred, and misunderstanding, and to stand alone even if the whole world is against you. Even if there is not a single man in his party, he who does not stick to his path of truth should be considered a slave. '‘O honest man! There's always a dog barking behind you. 'Just as the strongest man is weak in some way, so the greatest hero is also cowardly in some way.
    To make certain a task impossible is to make it impossible. Courage is the only victory and cowardice is the only defeat. How can we measure the courage shown by Maharani Padmini and hundreds of royal family members to die alive rather than fall into the hands of the enemy? Implement your decisions immediately. They are only a dream until they are turned into action. Are you afraid of the competition? so try to do work? Isn't your rival a man? Is it special to humans? Conquer your place in the world. Everything stands in the service of a brave man. Fight against adversity like a man; Courageously face disappointments. The brave man produces enthusiasm in the hearts of all the men around him
    Shakespeare says that "it is our doubts that trap us and "we lose out on the pursuit of what is good for us. The courageous man acts like a magnet.  It spreads an atmosphere of elevation around itself; People become his followers and do not hesitate to give their lives for him.
    Many courageous men have shaken the world even before they reached puberty. due to not have the courage to start to work many intelligent young people work cannot do any important work.
                              Get started! Get started!! Get started !!!
      ‘Whatever people think of you, do what you think is true. Do not expect slander and do not expect prayer  '- Pythagoras
         ‘Fear makes a man a slave to others. Fear is the bed of the tyrant king. Anxiety is a kind of cowardice and it makes life miserable. –Channing
    ‘I dare to do all things that reasonable for human beings. A man who does not do reasonably too much for a man is a worthless man. –
    ‘stays with his hands clasped until the wind blows talking and the one who not cultivates diligently and the one who looks at the sky and checks the clouds. It never gets time to harvest.  '                                                                                                                                                           -Helen Hunt Jackson

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