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Self Care

Importance Of Self-Care 

        Emerson says You get your rightful place and work ethic so everyone agrees with you on that.  The world must be just.  This is because the world allows every human being to set his own price and does not interfere in it at all.

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Pastology states that `O man!  Nature has placed the best weapon for your development in yourself - in the self-realization of your power.

      A man who firmly believes that I will get the tools is the one who really has the tools

People who have a lot of money never reach the pinnacle of prosperity.  And those who have no capital to start with are the ones who make a lot of money and make adversity a means to an end and gain fame.  The climax is achieved by them.

Even if you put crores of rupees for your son; you cannot give the education, experience, and strength that you have gained by receiving that substance.  The joy of gaining wealth;  The merriment that is found in developing;  The auspicious pride that arises from the acquisition of matter;  And hence the qualities of precision, regularity, agility, patience, efficiency, honesty, meekness, etc., which are developed;  You can't give it to him.  The qualities of intelligence, wisdom, foresight, etc. that are cultivated in the acquisition of matter cannot be given to him.  You value these qualities as much as you like, But your son doesn't even value his lash.  You have stretched your muscles, strength, and power to reach the pinnacle of ascension and that is why you have been empowered to reach your ascension and save your wealth.  In this way your wealth must have given you experience, joy, education, character, and development;  But the same wealth will be a source of temptation and anxiety for your son and will often make him narrow-minded.  The same wealth that has done wing work in your relationship will be a heavy burden for him.  In your relationship he has worked to teach and develop your best powers;  But in its relation, it will often be a source of laziness, laziness, negligence, weakness, and ignorance.  Because you have taken the necessary invaluable ad from him;  By striking that ed, man has done almost all the great deeds in the history of the world.

The Self CareArticle of Your Dreams#Doing Self Cares the Right Way

Your son begins to travel as far as you can, that's why you have given him your wealth and consider it an act of kindness.  You had to wade;  Who had to endure crises and pains;  The opportunities you lacked and the poor education you got in the hut;  You have a kind idea to free him from all that.  But remember, instead of giving him a strong dang in his hand, you have given him a support horse;  You have snatched from him an ad of great wealth in the form of self-development, self-education, and self-reliance;  Without which true success, true happiness, and great character can never be achieved.  It is as if all the zeal of his youth has been blown away by the acquisition of wealth;  His power will be diminished and his ambition will be gradually destroyed by the lack of encouragement for self-improvement. If you do everything for your son yourself;  For that, you will stand on the battlefield yourself;  So it will be a lean animal at the age of twenty-one and will stand by you!

Men who are always supported can hardly survive in times of crisis.  When a cloud of adversity envelops them, they stare at the parka, and if they do not find shelter, they fall into the abyss;  And once they fall they become quite helpless.  With all the pillars falling down and forced to stand on their own two feet, many of the boys on the border has been more successful than expected.

    May I make my own situation.`                                                                         _Humphrey Davy

     My son!  Keep in mind and remember that the best men have made themselves so._Patrick Henry

        `God gives food to every bird, but he does not throw food into its nest.` -J.  G.  Holland

      ાRemedies for us are often self-contained and self-inflicted, Yet we believe it was created by God. `                                                                                                                     _ Shakespeare

      The best education we can get from the hard work we put in for the means of subsistence is the best education.                                                                                                               _Wendel Phillips

`A man receives a much more important education from himself than he receives from others.` _Gibbon

       `The big man discovers and uses the power within himself and the small man finds it with others.`                                                                                                                                           _Confunius

         My work is that someone else will find me or decide that the one who is waiting will die without delivering his message.` _Lowell

   Whether in war or in business, in law or in love;  Whether in an attempt to gain power or on the path to materialism or philanthropy, But let `Swavalamban be your motto.`                                    _Sex

Let each one does his own thing;  Don't depend on others `                                              _Shakespeare

      Robert Collier states that `Man's best friends are his ten angels, young people who always open a base to someone they can't do any important work.  `

There is no factory in the world that can make rich men out of helpless boys.  What you call lack of opportunity is your main opportunity.  Don't expect anyone else to take a seat for you;  Get yourself the right seat.  Do not want another man to exalt you, but exalt yourself.

J.  T.  Davidson states: `The first thing I want to impress on your mind is that we are the ones who make the difference.  We do not get any happiness or glory as ancestral wealth.  We cannot buy it with money.  We do not get it by chance;  Being born into a noble family, having a high status, being intelligent, and being rich does not mean anything.  It can be achieved as a result of our own hard work and can be a reward for our best principles and best practices.  Of all the qualities that give success, there is no one more important than self-sufficiency.  There is no more important quality than the determination to be the one who produces your progress and good fortune.  If obstacles stand in your way;  If you have enormous adversities against you, as long as you have the strength to push them forward, they will only benefit you instead of harming you.  Many young people have good sap, But they can't do anything more important than a quiet life.  Normally, the people who have to endure great hardships are the ones who make a name for themselves in the world.

The men who have relied almost exclusively on themselves;  He is the one who has achieved the most special advancement.

       Healthy blood, huge tree: place, strong leg muscles, strong muscles, and a young man with a strong body, standing politely waiting for help, is one of the poorest scenes in the world.

The Celts say that "every man has his own destiny."

       Only through hard work can true success be achieved in the world.  The gods also sell everything to the giver of labor.  But without it they give nothing.  You will never have ready-made success.  The gate of the winning temple is never kept open.  Every man who enters it builds his own gate;  Which closes back for everything else behind him.

Coincidences have never been favorable to great men.  Great men have cleared their way by fighting hard against all kinds of obstacles.  A petty start and a small root are not a barrier to a great career.

      Success is the offspring of industry and diligence;  It is not subject to bribery.

Falling behind only one thing has made many men, even the simplest of men, known as the most intelligent.  The more lazy a man is, the more he spreads gossip that only wise men can do great things.  `That is the work of Mahatmas!  Some are mahatmas;  He wants to sleep, not our bed!

       Only those who have the greatest devotion to work has become the greatest intellectuals

"Intelligence" means "infinite power to work" as it is defined, it is correct, the people who have done great deeds can only explain to the youngsters who are hit by this, a large part of their fame is due to pure hard work and continuous industry.  The result is;  So how much encouragement can they give them?  How the works which have been praised by the world have sucked the drops of the power of their doers and how many headaches, how many disappointments, how many crises, and how many fears they have had to endure in doing so;  How good, it would be if he could know our frustrated and disappointed youth!

The ancients used to say, "Identify yourself." In the twentieth century, people used to say, "Help yourself." Because self-education is what gives birth to the soul.  When a man gets higher education;  Only then does he normally remain a man and not become an animal.  But if he has not received proper education;  If only knowledge is left-pressed in his brain-like cot in school;  If he has ruined his memory by trying to memorize only enough things to pass the exam;  So it is bound to decline.  Because immature cognitive knowledge is automatically forgotten later and loses both self-confidence and self-esteem.

True education awakens the thirst for knowledge and the student who is eager to satisfy this thirst reaches the storehouse of knowledge itself.  The man should be educated in such a way that his preconceptions remain true and all his feelings become virtues.`

      You stretch to develop your body in the gym;  Chest wide;  Push;  And run;  In the same way, through constant effort, you will be able to developmental and moral strength.

All knowledge is gained through self-education.  The progress of his knowledge depends on the mental action of the student.  The greatest and best work of a teacher is to teach the disciple while teaching himself.

Isaac Taylor says Not physical development, but mental development gives us humanity;  To increase your mental strength.  Try to understand what you see or read.  The yoga practice of meditation along with reading is one of the basic principles of our excellent life and the task is simple and straightforward. `How many of the few people who are contemplative meditate properly!  How many people who think they are contemplative never really think.

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