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Get Rich Even Without Money

 Get Rich Even Without Money

Many men enjoy wealth without money. Thousands of people are rich without money and thousands without pocket. A man with a strong body, good digestion, and pure conscience is the richest man. Good bone is better than gold. Strong muscle is better than Rupa. Fibers that carry energy to every part of the body are better than houses and land.

A millionaire spends thousands of pounds on a gallery of paintings and a rich boy or girl comes in and sees a treasure trove of beauty that the owner has never seen. One collector bought the play Hamlet, signed by Shakespeare, in a public greenhouse in London, one hundred and seventy guineas; But a student can read Hamlet's treasure for free and take it to his heart.

Craving is a growing monster and no matter how long or wide the cloak of wealth is, it has never entered the body of a thirsty man. As Philip Brooks puts it, "as the box is not filled with beauty and the vessel is not filled with good virtue so that the mind had not filled with matter."

What does your money tell you? What message does he tell you? Does he tell you to eat, drink and have fun? Because who knows what will happen tomorrow? It conveys the message of convenience, education, travel, scriptures, and the opportunity to help your fellow human beings `to bring even more special land and special material? To bring the message to you? It sends messages to you to provide food for the bereaved, it says you clothes for naked, a school for the ignorant, a hospital for the sick, and an ashram for the powerless orphans. The message is that there is nothing for you and for more others. That same brings a very ugly message.

Does it give you a message of generosity that narrow-mindedness? It tells you to develop character so that you are empowered to think of your humanity and to assume great goals and noble aspirations; Or That he says to accumulate more and more wealth?

Are you a gold weight lifter animal or a man with a definite ideal?

The man who has excellent ideals and character and whose thoughts increase the intellect of the people is the man who is generous and wealthy. Emerson says: Ah! How good it would be if the rich people were as rich as the poor people think they.

Many rich people have died in orphanages.

Unscrupulous people keep the waste full and burn the grain. Accumulates the substance which cannot be used and The substance by which they can get the best material It lets the matter go to waste.

John Duncan was the son of a Scottish weaver. He was ignorance, short-sighted, lame, weak, and poor. If he went to the mahalla, sometimes other boys would throw stones at him. Which farmer's cattle were he grazing also treated him cruelly and even though he had been soaking wet in the rain all day, he was shivering from the same cold and lying on a miserable bed in a dark room. There he would take water out of his shoes and Squeezing his own clothes and as he slept, even so, wishing to learn to read and write boy. Shortly afterwards, when he was stopped from knitting, then he explained to the 12-year-old schoolgirl and started studying with her. At the age of sixteen, he learned the alphabet and then progressed very fast. He was very fond of Vegetation, so he worked in his spare time for five months to earn five shillings to buy a treatise on botany. Going forward he became an excellent botanist. He was so interested in his studies that even at the age of eighty, he walked twelve miles to get a new plant. His body was weak and he wore as such some clothes, but his brain was full of excellent knowledge. One of the men he met was astonished to see such a miserable looking man, and he revealed the story of his career. Many men who read this story sent money to him, But he kept saving, And he informed in death letter that he would encourage eight poor students to study natural weapons so that he gives for eight scholarships and prizes of this money. He was announced same use his small but expensive library to do.

Even if other men apply for a pension; But I will get rich by trying to get away with every little thing without money. I do not want to tarnish my national service.             –Lord Collingswood

     Not even having a pie is not poverty; And matter is nothing but true wealth. We don't have a thing so we don't have to understand that we don't have the power to get that thing; And if Dev Yoga finds something, then it is not to be assumed that we have the power to achieve it.                                                                                                                                 –Helen Hunt

    Just because he has wealth I should not allow a man to boast in front of me. I should    show him that I can run without money and no one can buy me with money, happiness, or respect. I don't even have a pie and I get bread from it, Yet he is a poor man to me.                                                                                                                    -Emerson

Satisfaction with what we have is the greatest and most special safe asset:   -Cicero

A strong body is a greater asset than money and non-subjective self-satisfaction is a greater pleasure than all other subjective pleasures.                                                    –Ecclesiastes

The man who is satisfied with a little money is the most specially rich; Because contentment is the best and natural substance:                                                                      -Socrates

The most special thing that has ever touched my heart in this world is because of the big heart in the small house:                                                                                    -Lockodar

Money alone has not made any human being happy in this world," Franklin said. In it has no virtue of producing happiness. Just as human beings have a special substance, they wish for a more special substance. Wealth makes the empty space more bigger and bigger instead of filling the empty space. No man can get rich if he has a lot of money in the bank. It is the noble mind that makes a man rich. A man whose conscience is narrow-minded cannot be rich no matter how much money or land he has. If a human heart is poor, it is poor no matter how rich or powerful it may be. Man is rich or poor in proportion to his virtues, not in proportion to the external wealth he has. Learning count to true value is one of the primary lessons of life. When a young man starts his career he is shown all kinds of goods and he is shown many kinds of temptations to buy them. The apparent value of whatever is carried in front of it but its count true value depends largely on its success. The cruel matter will fly its flag before his eyes and its claims to be superior to all other things. Different kinds of decorative objects will come before him and claim his superiority. Every business and employment will simultaneously present its beauty and charm to it, But the young man who wants to succeed will not be deceived by anything like that. Don't be fooled by just the outward appearance of any such thing or situation. But do sure of its true usefulness and value.                                                                          

      Some people are rich in terms of health, happiness, and cheerfulness which is why they remain aloof from the crises and sorrows that overwhelm many ordinary people. Some other men are rich in temperament, family, and friends; So there is some reunion essence nature that every man he loves. Some men, being rich in honesty and character, unknowingly show off to anyone who gets the benefit of their intercourse or cohabitation.

     There are some men in the world at all times who see the beauty and true wealth everywhere and reverently observe the immense green of God; Not only that, but everyone sees the real God in everything.

     Creation and human nature are both great teachers of man; And if they are used properly they make their rude manners make the ugly life beautiful, sanctify the beautiful life, and Makes holy life lord with. Clear secrets are openly written on every page of the great scripture that God gives in each of our hands, But we are just throwing it away without reading it.

    We still do not understand how creation can be created that offers special excellent plans and more great opportunities for human happiness, happiness, and true matter than the universe in which we live.

     The world needs young people who accumulate only golden wisdom and golden deeds rather than just gold; Those who prefer capital of thought and capital of character more than capital of matter.

      People who do not have money are called poor; But those who have nothing but money, money, and money-gathering intelligence and greed are much poorer than the first poor.

     The man who has no money but can enjoy knowledge and character is only really rich. The man who is greedy is poor even if he is a millionaire. Real knowledge is the only true wealth. A person with a good conscience cannot be called a poor. And the annoyance that he wants to get rid of is the reverse is more. The man who can happily and courageously stand up against poverty and adversity is both rich and brave. The man who considers the value of money the most special considers the value of his true interest the least.

     We can cultivate our willpower in such a way that it gathers thoughts only on the illuminated side of things and on the things that elevate the soul and inspires joy and goodwill in us, So that we can become even richer than an emperor. The nature of making the best use of everything and looking at its illuminated side is also a great asset.

     The life of a human being is not so long that he can earn a lot of money and can fulfill his duty towards human brothers.

    Treasures of wisdom and knowledge and triumphant virtues over hundreds of generations have enriched and beautified many minds with power, beauty, and pride. How much less does the weight of gold count when compared to the piles of gold arranged around again Grade or again Rothschild?

     Simple life, excellent thinking, and great effort are the only true substance. Make your character your capital so you will never poor. Rail will not be able to stretch your property; Fire can not burn it and rust will not make it tiny.

      Emerson says there is a lot of fraud in the wealth. I see that in return for what he gives, the most important thing is the human character that he grabs. I am called a big man because of money but in reality, I am getting smaller.

     I have special clothes, but no extra heat. I have special weapons, but less courage I have special books but less knowledge.

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