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Good Thrift

Good Thrift

     Even a poor man can surprise the world with his deeds if he is hardworking, efficient, and has enthusiasm and skills.

     But stinginess and greed are other kinds of things. A poor man who accumulates wealth only to save is called a Stingy. Where another man hardly spends one rupee, he is a stingy man This kind of stinginess is the younger brother of greed.

Good Thrift

     Guy, a London bookseller who later founded a great clinic, was extremely stingy. He lived in the back of his shop; He would sit and dine on the old stool; He used his accounting board as a table. And clothed the newspaper as clothing. He was not married. One night another famous stingy named Hopkins went there. The cow that was in the dark lit a candle and asked him: What work do you have? he said "What do you do for saving money?" Knowing Hopkins' motive Can we do that even in the dark? With that, he turned off the candle. Seeing this, Hopkins said, "Indeed, you are my master in saving money." Now I don't need to more ask. Your key is in my hand.

      Thrift and generosity when the conscience of country, time, and character is forgotten; Or both of them cause grief when the limit is exceeded. Not only that but it destroys the character.

       Many young people seem to believe that once they succeed, they will always be successful; And they seem to live in a state of euphoria as if they are never likely to fail again. As if he is no longer afraid, he changes his lifestyle. Unfortunately, the government cannot enact such a law. That can eliminate the bad quality of spending more than the yield of the people.

    The upliftment of foolish men will be the cause of their destruction. Barnum says that no matter how difficult the task of obtaining wealth, it is the most difficult to preserve it and use it wisely.

      Few people know how to use wealth well. Many people of the rest earn and blow up it; Collects and destroys; But it is very difficult for him to make good use of it by looking at the country, time, and characters.

       After a temple became a large stained glass window, an artist picked up the discarded pieces of glass and used them to make one of the best windows in all of Europe for another temple! In the same way, many boys carelessly throw away those pieces of time. By making good use of it, others acquire excellent education and plenty of wealth.

         Debt should be owed to a temple, on a house, or a shop in order to develop character. Such an argument has become a part of modern economics nowadays. But in reality, debt is a kind of bondage a stigma. Farmers should abandon the practice of debt. if even though we do not have the power to pay, to do debt is nothing less than stealing. With this old-fashioned idea in mind, if a man starts his own business, the diagnosis will be successful to such an extent that in old age he will not be a burden to his friends or the government.

      Choose a way between extravagance and stinginess. Don't starve your brain by saving money. Spend money to elevate your powers; Some people are so stingy that they spend a lot of time listening to other people, but they don't spend a few bucks to buy a readable book or a magazine. As a result, they remain ignorant and narrow-minded in many respects. Don't save money by sacrificing the knowledge and convenience of yourself and your family.

      Nature's hand is generous but have not extravagant.

       Thrift is half the battle of life. `                                                                       -Sparjiyas

     Thrift is the mother of honesty, freedom, and happiness; She is also a beautiful sister of diet, happiness, and health.                                                                                –Johnson

      Nothing better than having a few necessities and providing for one's own needs Running a monarchy requires as much wisdom; The same wisdom is needed to run the household. `                                                                                                                             -Emerson

    Quickly earned money will be spent, But gradually the wealth obtained by sweating will gradually increase.                                                                                                -Gate

   Using your wealth thriftily There is no such thing as a definite benefit to you.  -Latin proverb

Thrift is the mint of poor men.                                                                               –Tupper

Not for buried in the land; Man needs thrift not to build a regiment of servants, but to gain the glorious right to be free.                                                                             –Burns

You are as intelligent as you like; No matter how strong the Coincidence of your future advancement; But the thing you need so that you don't have to go to the Impossible monastery, you never give up hope of getting a palace.                                        –Balver

      Emerson says nature is strictly thrift. The thing that becomes useless today; He uses it to produce something new tomorrow. She doesn't let a single grain of sand go to waste. It gives us plenty, But he immediately picks up what we throw away and lift up in his own store. Flowers and leaves in autumn fall down in the fall, But in the second year through it, other forms of beauty become more excellent. Our friends can only see our faces if we die in our home; Prakuti does not give our friends a chance to see our faces if we die elsewhere. At the moment when prana leaves the body, nature begins to disintegrate the body; So that the body can be used to produce other things.

     A little money is become more by the secret power of thrift. The fragmented elements combine to form an unbroken form, and the miracle of the real thing emerges from something that is not. Makes; Brings useless things useful to work; Adds innovative power to perishable things and uses everything to enhance human happiness. Reverend William Marsh states: "I feel as if I should write in the whole sky in gold letters, 'do thrift'."

     On one occasion, Edmund Burke quoted Cicero as saying that "Thrift is a good income." But he made a mistake in pronouncing the word "income" so Lord North had said slowly to correct it. But Burke also took advantage of the mistake. He said that the honorable Lord says that you have made a mistake in the pronunciation of the main word of the words you have quoted from Cicero` but that makes me happy. Because it gives me a chance to repeat the priceless saying, "Thrift is a good income." "Thrift is a good income," are words we should Pronunciation over and over again.

     John Jacob Esther said that it took me as much effort to generate crores of rupees than I had to work harder to generate the first thousand of rupees.` The boys who do not accumulate by pie; never get the first thousand rupees and it is not possible to get lakhs or crores without a thousand rupees.

    Teaching from an early age that "I can't afford to be extravagant" is a sign of strength, courage, and masculinity. Dr. Franklin said that not our eye but other's eye that destroys us, `Shakespeare says that fashion breaks more clothes than man. Douglas Gerold says: Debt gives birth to terrible evils! What ugliness, it insults, what worries, and what lies give birth to futures!  it makes a good face wrinkled over time what awkward it makes a bad face make a man a bad habit of debt is makes become heartless-elusive. How sweet the cool water is to a man who is debt-free And how sweet the dry bread looks, rest assured the man who eats doing debt always eats kansar-ghee, but It doesn't feel taste good. Now let's talk about clothes. Even a torn coat can cold your out if the tailors don't want your clothes to come from there. If Kapadio doesn't demand anything from you, what happiness even an old Bundi gives you! How can a turban that is not on the sad mind of a debtor look good even if it is torn? What a delight it is for a debt-free person to have such a small home and how much happiness he has outside! He is not frightened by knocking on his door and his body does not tremble at the sound of someone's footsteps on the stairs. He can greet any man with a smile and yet his pulse does not seem to run vigorously. How can he look at any man walking down the street when he goes out. Poverty is the greatest sorrow it is true; But in anticipation of debt, it is easily tolerated. My son If you are poor, consider the flowing water of the spring as nectar; eat the dry bread of seven days; He wears a torn cloak and considers Kataria the best home of a householder, but from debt will stay away twelve villages. This will give you peace of mind. And no one will have the right over you. If another man borrowed from you for a penny, he will look at you with contempt. If you also want money from someone, It is possible to look at it from a conservative point of view. So Why not be thrift from the beginning People who eat as much as they earn never progress in useful arts. Thrift is a kind of power. Happiness and freedom reside there those who are doing thrift. Many destroyed people know that their downfall begins with the beginning of the habit of borrowing money.

     We are not ruined by what we really we necessary  But which we deem necessary; That is why we destroyed; So never look for necessities. If you need Kahri he will come home looking for you. The man who buys useless things also has to sell useful things going forward.

     It is a humane act to give every creditor his money. Than not to do so Better to starve.  Do big business by borrowing goods so do on cash on smaller bases  it is good to trade on instead,

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