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Another Word For Opportunity

 Another Word For Opportunity

    It is an unbelievable matter in a world where so many poor people become rich and in a world where low situation-born people rise to the highest ranks, there is no opportunity in the world.  There are plenty of treaties in the world for those who want treaties and know how to use them; The pilgrim who fell into the castle of despair forgot to use the key of his door even though he had it all the time. Like him, we do not even see on sight at the power is in our we have for to do good activity God has given this power also to the strong man as well as also to the weak man. We rely more on external help. We are watching too far and too high for things nearby.

     A woman from Baltimore once went to a dance party. There his diamond-studded bracelet b was lost. He assumed that someone had stolen it from my gown's pocket. Many years later she became poor and one day she was thinking about how to get food standing on the steps of Peabody Institute. An old ragged, wared outed gown cut off of his own to make a cloth to put on his head she found a diamond bracelet ponytail from its lining. So his lots of happiness did last long, although in all her poverty she owned property of seven hundred pounds; But she did not know that. Many people who consider themselves poor are rich only if they look at the opportunities and strengths that are more valuable and special than the diamond-studded bracelet. It is really unfortunate for a young person who can't see any opportunity in his current situation and thinks that he will do better in another situation.

     You have your place and your work, find and achieve it first, Hardly will be any human being who reads these rows have not received the excellent treaty of success like thousands of other extraordinary human beings. If you want to succeed, you must be ready to be adopted on the opportunity. Remember, the four things that are gone do not come back; (1) spoken word (2) thrown arrow (3) lost life (3) Special opportunities are used, such as missed opportunities, It also creates other special opportunities. Those who make the best use of their power are the ones who easily get innovative treaties, Emerson said that the world is no longer in the hands of the workers in the form of clay but in the form of iron, And men now have to find a place for themselves by constantly hammering hard.

     Thousands of people have amassed enormous wealth out of petty things that others do not even look toward. From that, the bees get their honey from the flower from which the spiders get their venom. In the same way, some people get a lot of wealth out of ordinary and small things like pieces of leather, rubbish like metal, etc. There is nothing that enhances the comforts of man, any furniture of the house, not a single utensil of the kitchen, nothing of food and clothing, in which man does not get a great wealth by improving. What opportunities? Opportunities are all around us. Edison had got opportunities on the train. The electricity that makes all work of human  beings And allows him to free his God-given powers Lightning flashes in the sky to draw man's goal towards his great power tried to sparkle for age's of ages

And so do to the nature powers of He always pray for us to make good use of it Many powers are waiting for the observer's eye.

An observer confident barber in hair pruning scissors decided to improve, He made a machine of haircuts and through it he became rich. At ina he wife of one of the men was sick So he was forced to wash clothes he had never known why clothes were washed before. The immediate method of washing clothes was slow and laborious, so he discovered a washing machine. And by it, he made a lot of money. One man was suffering from toothache. He spoke with his mind: If anything is filled in the empty space between the teeth, the pain will disappear. With this in mind, he found a way to fill it with gold between teeth.

There comes a wonderful time in the life of every human being, comes one day, one night, one morning, one noon, or one evening, one beneficial hour-one moment of opportunity. There comes a moment when the best light of achievement spreads; There comes a time when our destiny is open. Aha, happy is the man who knows how to look forward to such a time and check, work and stand enthusiastically on the wide neck and shoulders of destiny and In the great hour of destiny, when there is a rung of the bell of 'now', he picks up the big result from the spread hand of opportunity and captures the current moment.                                                               - Mary A. Townsend

     In the battle between the truth-untruth once in the life of every human being and every people There is an opportunity comes to decide whether to go for the truth or for untruth.           -Lowell

     A man who cannot use opportunity what is usable for him?                                -George Elliott

    The best thing about a human being is lying in down close to him - at his feet.   -R.M. Mins

   That is the key to success life takes it speedily caught when the opportunity arises. – Disraeli

     The greatest works in the world have not been done by men of great wealth. Ericsson began making screw propellers (screwdriver of to push screw) while sitting in a bathroom. The cotton ginning set was first made in a wooden hut. John Harris, the great inventor of clocks used for navigation, began his career at the head of a dilapidated barn. The first fireboat in the United States was built by Fitch in a temple room in Philadelphia. Mac Comics a well-known machine the first was starting to make in the flouring mill. The founder of The University of Worcester laid the foundation of his great wealth by building a toy for the boys in a horse crib. Fa Kwhaar used to make umbrellas in his living room with the help of his daughter until he was able to rent a floor. Addison laid the foundation in his childhood when he was making a living by selling newspapers! start founded of his great career by experimenting in a train running on the Grant Trunk Railroad.

     The great natural philosopher Faraday, who was the son of a blacksmith, wrote a letter to Humphrey Davy in his youth, demanding that he be given a place in the Royal Institute. Davy consulted a friend. He said that he has come to a letter from a young man named Farode. He has listened to my lectures and he demands me to have a place in the Royal Institute. Tell me what should I do now? His friend said, keep him to wash the bottle. If he is qualified to do anything, he will accept the job immediately; And if he refuses, nothing will work. But the boy, who in his spare time could experiment with an old cauldron and glass vials in a doctor's shop, also saw and observed an opportunity the washing these bottles and as a result, became a professor at the Royal Institute of Woolich. Tyndall states in relation to this boy without a chance that the world's greatest experimenter is a scientist. He became the miraculous man of that time in the field of science. What are the opportunities to move forward? It is ubiquitous. The world is just another name for opportunities. The world means opportunities.

      Study yourself and your own needs if you want to get rich.

     You will find that Millionaire of people has the same needs. The most special non-risk work always relates to the prime needs of human beings as well. Man needs clothing and shelter; Wants food and water; Happiness. All kinds of flexibility are needed for convenience, pleasure, education, and training; can meet the great needs of mankind, who can meet the demands of happy convenience or who can uplift them in any way any man can get great wealth. The golden opportunity never comes twice; So whenever the duty shows you the direction, Eclipse the time. Do not be frightened by the fearful Satan and do not stand even if the drowsy goddess points out from her pavilion: But bravely moving and forth towards your special goal.                                                                                       -Anon

     Don't by being lazy and wait because the goddess of fortune is so lazy that she will never come to you from the front. Work in any field, not afraid to work and venture; If you have a special need for a field to work in, So you will definitely get it from somewhere                            -Alan H. Gates

     Work for the most special near-beneficial thing Do not dream of distant importance. The work that human beings do in their current state is always the best.                                       -W. Morley Punsh

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