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Definition Of Human

 Definition Of Human

     God has told man to be holy, honest, and generous. Along with that he also tells human beings to be intelligent, brave, and skilled. This world voice holds the hopes of human beings. Russia states in an article about its education that according to the laws of nature, all human beings are the same, so their occupation is also the same. Mankind has been empowered to do any business if we are well-equipped to do our duty as human beings. The teachers of our schools should teach their students to be human first whether they are a soldier, a CA, a lawyer, or a doctor. Nature has given birth to us to do human duty before doing the work of society.

What should a person be
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     You know, in the old days, the philosopher Diogenes had searched all day for a perfectly honest man holding a lantern in his hand. Then he cried out with a loud voice, O men, and listen to me; when the people gathered around him, he spoke with contempt. I had called the men, but I did not call them. There is really a need everywhere for a man who can prove his worth in a crowd of people. Even if the whole world says yes, don't be afraid to say no.

Human Will Definition

We don't want the so-called right and wise society of today

Kuber's treasures are not wanted,

Strict and conservative religions are not wanted,

Don't want big powers,

We don't want strong writing but we want true human beings.

The whole world is shouting, "Where is our borrower?" We need a real human being, But such a man is a man close to you who you do not have to go far to find. And he is none other than you. I am. Every one of us is a man. How to make a man a true human being? It is very easy for him to be like that if he does not want to be like himself; and if he can do that, then there is nothing easier for him than to be a true human being. ” Alexander Dumas

"We want life, we don't want death. Our present life is a part of our past life. We want a full life, "he said. Of the thousands of living human beings, only one has the right mix. A man, who is born with a good eye, full enthusiasm, and a heart that cannot be suppressed by getting everything, does not need any other virtue. Because he has brought his own good fortune. ”                     -Emerson

Definition Of Human

1. One who has a great purpose in his mind with a lot of wonders but to shrink his humanity to that surprise? Don't give up or let go, and who does not narrow down his other powers by developing one of his powers too much

2. One who is courageous and brave and who has no cowardice at all.

3. A business that is considered only as a means of subsistence is considered to be worth less than character, and a business is considered as a means of self-development, education, culture, exercise, and gaining character and humanity.

4. Do not forget the skills of practice by abandoning simple understanding and suppressing school and college education despite adhering to big principles.

5. One who prefers distillate over splendor and considers the glory of his good deeds as a valuable treasure. One who is not indifferent or narrow-minded; But also full of vigor and enthusiasm. Whose minds have been taught to obey strong desires; one who has learned to love the beauty of art and nature, to reject all forms of ignorance, and to respect everyone as his own.

"It's not just a matter of cultivating the body, But our main task is to get an education as human beings. The big task of men and women in the world is to become 'strong'. The future man and woman will need a lot of strength to bear the burden of future work. Whose health should be strong? Which is always in excitement? What could be more beautiful than the perfect masculinity with full health emerging joy?

Thousands of students graduate from our universities every year with the goal of choosing a strong, independent, and self-reliant man. Some of them seem optimistic but they can never achieve full humanity.

Our character naturally sympathizes with our body as well as it suddenly takes shape. A healthy, powerful, and cheerful man can develop as much strength and character; an angry, irritable, and miserable man cannot develop so much. It is possible that after a while, even a modest-looking man chooses a higher class than the tallest man ever born in the world.

Make a rule “I will always speak the truth; I will keep my word; I will meet people very regularly and with full consideration of the value of their time; If I consider my reputation to be a precious treasure, I should feel that the eyes of the whole world are on me and I should never deviate from the path of honesty and truthfulness.

The present times require men with strong minds, wide consciences, true faith, and ambition to work. Which does not kill men greed for power; As well as the capital they receive from the power cannot buy it those who have an independent opinion and will; Those who do not lie and who can stand in front of a high-ranking man and show contempt for a flattering compliment without the slightest fear, those who, in public duty and in matters of private thought, live in the sunlight above the fog. Such a high man is needed in the present times.                                                                     –Annan

Young says ‘open your heart, widen your desires and let masculinity and happiness enter; Enter into your heart the boundless set of thoughts from zero to God, that is why you become a true human being.

The wisest man in the world does not want anything but modesty, manliness, and honesty.

‘What a man should be like’

Melodious, wise in speech, elegant in appearance, yet humble in nature, and yet fearless, modest, polite, and soft-hearted. 'Edwin Arnold

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