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Good And Bad Businesses

 Good And Bad Businesses

     Hello friends, in this article I will show you about Good And Bad Businesses and how these occupations affect your health. Since business has a profound effect on human life, young men should first make sure that the profession they choose is healthy or not. It is well-known that diplomats, judges, and clergy have lived for many years. The conflict that arises from fierce competition in business causes the body to wear out in a hurry, But as mentioned above it does not happen in such men. Astronomers constantly contemplating the great solar system revolving far and wide Also enjoy a very long life. Galileo, Bacon, Newton, Euler, Dalton, etc., philosophers and scientists, mathematicians, and theologians seem to be free from many of the crises of ordinary businessmen. Even the greatest practitioners of botany have generally lived happily ever after. Fourteen members of a well-known congregation exploring the history of England died in 190 Two of them were over ninety; Five were over eighty and two were over seventy.
Good And Bad Businesses

    Mental function has a huge impact on the health of the body. The study of science creates an atmosphere of peace and prolongs life.

   The fine particles of steel that go into the stomachs of men who make needles and thorns cause a terrible disease. And they indeed die before they are forty years old. Many people are tempted to fall into this business because of the high salary. Not only that but the plans that are devised to alleviate the fear on their heads Even against it they do so with all their might. Because they are afraid that so many people will fall into this business and reduce their salary. Many physicians have examined the effect that this work has on the health of the people working in the many chandelier factories in France, and have told the whole unit that as a result, the teeth of those people will be eaten sooner; The jaw bone damage. Swelling of the throat comes and many other diseases apply!

      One hundred and sixty-seven thousand people over the age of twenty died in the county of Massachusetts during thirty-four years and eight months! Their businesses were recorded in their disease boxes. The average age of all was fifty-one years. The average age of those engaged in farming was the most special i.e. sari sixty-five years.

     There are many reasons why farmers live longer than men engaged in other occupations and urbanites and the proportion of older men seems to be higher among them. He gets clean air so he hungry feels good and sleeps comes a lot; While the inhabitants of the city seldom enjoy a good night's sleep. Another benefit to the farmers is that they are free from the wear and tear, anxiety, and suffering of the people in the city due to stiff competition. On the other hand, even farmers are not free from some great guilt and from the clutches of some enemies of longevity. The human being not only lives on only bread but the mind plays the most important part in keeping the body healthy. The social life of cities, as well as opportunities to take advantage of libraries, lectures, great preachers, etc., and the constant association of intelligent men; These items compensate for many of the above benefits of a farmer's life.

Good And Bad Businesses

     There is no doubt that ambition and success have the power to prolong human life. If we run after wealth very quickly If we don't waste our lives, we can achieve longevity with success. Tomas W. Higgins made a list of thirty of the most famous preachers of the last century; So he found out that his government average life expectancy was sixty-nine years.

     Those who work in businesses are forced to breathe Benoiston and Lombard have done a lot of research in this regard. From that, it appears that the particles in the mine do the most special damage to health; Animal particles do less damage and plant particles do less damage.

  Be what nature wants you to be so you will succeed; If you try to be someone else, you will fail.                                                                                                                                               - Sydney Smith
  Many people have to give up a piece of their body to buy success.
No man can constantly try to go against his nature And cannot get success; One of the rules of success in life is that our life should be organized in such a way that, So that we do not have to expend our energy in controlling our physical constitution and our instincts. And with good use of it, we can succeed.                                                                                                                     –Bulver
  Which man who has a business the man has a manor. `                                                 -Franklin
  When nature creates each of its offspring, it gives qualification for some work.            –Lowell

      Hygiene, clean air, sunlight, and exposure to harmful particles and toxic air-free should be of utmost importance to attention matter when choosing a business. We call a man who is willing to sell a year of his life for any amount of money crazy. And yet we choose businesses that, according to statistics and doctors, cut our lives from five to twenty-five, thirty and forty years!

The human senses and other organs are interconnected in such a way that when one is injured, it affects the discharge. Athletes make their bodies very strong and they do so at the expense of physical, mental, and moral benefits. It is a law of nature that by exerting special pressure or labor on any power or organ, if you over-develop it, it will not only be ruined but it will also damage all the other powers and organs. Nothing relaxes the brain when the brain's work stops; Most of the great thinkers know this. The people who do the most brain work are sooner or later, unfortunately, the late gave a kind of rest to the powers that be Learns to use other kinds of powers. When they get bored in one task, they drop it and take on another task on hand, and in this way, they are able to amaze the world with their abundant mental work. This is the result of the ingenuity of using certain powers one by one by relaxing certain powers from the brain and giving certain powers a healthy exercise. Any aspiring activist will have to repent in a short time if he continues to use the same kind of powers. Atoms of any kind in the brain cannot use more force than the mental force they have. The weary mind must be given rest; Otherwise, he will become sick and weak.

      Of the many functions that occur in the glory of a strong body, the brain gets advantages of respect. When Wesley entered his eighty-two year, he said, "Forty years ago, I was strong enough to work and exercise physically and mentally." I am still as strong and worthy as the same! ”In the 83 rd year, he said,“ I call myself a wonderful man. Twelve years have passed since the time when I had felt as bored! "Strong hands and strong brains, powerful lungs and a strong body are the only heavy burdens that always fall," says Matthews. Make sure that where there are heavy burdens, there are also heavy rewards that fall.

    The strong mind in a lean body is likened to a beautiful knife with a weak hand. Even if the knife is shiny and of good metal and its edge is sharp, its excellence is of no come to use if it does not have a handle to hold it. Strong muscles, strong limbs, and a strong body naturally have strong willpower, clear goal, agility, stamina, and determination power. If you will get the benefit of the money, became the loss in the other direction will be very costly,  says Giki. Sacrificing your health for him is not said to be a lucrative deal. If you sell your freedom for him, it is as same as if you have given a big one instead of a bubble. Remember, you give your soul for it; Give your self-esteem, your peace, your masculinity, or your character, you value it very much.

     Thousands of people in our big cities are due to necessary  money and put it in the same situation and in a business that destroys their nature and character.

     Don't worry about not getting more substance, but you should get more humanity. Because humanity is greater than matter and title (degree) and character is more greater than a career.

     Many men have shrunk their masculinity just by falling into a narrow light business out of greed; Has stopped the development of his own intellect; He has trashed his ambitions and blunted his subtle attitudes.    

    Do not aspire to be famous as a great lawyer, lawyer, businessman, physicist, government employee, factory owner or pundit, but stay ambition to be a charismatic great man to be the king of human conscience.

       How many people have been ridiculed in life by choosing to be lawyers, government employees, and clergymen, just because they are considered humane professions? Such men would have become humane farmers or merchants; And in the above businesses, they are not even considered as a scapegoat and on the contrary, their weaknesses have been exposed by those businesses! The best way to choose a business is to ask yourself this question: How would people treat me if they considered my qualities and my qualifications and put me in a position that would benefit you how would they deal with me? A Norwegian proverb is very good in this regard: Dedicate your whole life to your human brothers; They will repay him very soon. When we do a lot of work for others, we also do a lot for ourselves. Only in adolescence can we do the most special work for ourselves as well as for others when we are in a position to use the greatest number of our best powers. But when it is only when we give the most special benefit to others that we achieve the best success. We have no right to choose a business out of self-interest sight. When we deceive others, we deceive ourselves.

      There will come a time when institutions will be set up to determine the natural inclinations of boys and girls. In such institutions, men with vast experience and subtle observation will study the natural instincts of young men and women in which they can use their full potential. He will help them find it and teach them how to make the best use of their abilities. In a business in which he can use his full potential Not every teenager is able to find that business sooner or later;  Even if he is able to do so and make a living by working hard instead of weak, often that discovery is so late that omniscience becomes impossible to achieve a great victory. Such organizations will help boys and girls get into the right business early in adolescence. Making an early choice shortens the path. What could be a more special event than the fact that human beings take the right direction at the very beginning of their lives? gets a failure to do so in spite of lifelong vainness and great effort in the wrong direction; Success is achieved by striving in the right direction. A man seldom fails or suffers when he is in his rightful place. But once you choose the right business, you never look back. Stick to it with full attitude. If you are not covered by anything, or if you do not deviate from your goal, then you will surely succeed in it. Every business has its ups and downs and so does the momentary frustration; But so you do not give up your purpose. If your business looks like ignorance; If you keep coming up with the idea that if you get involved in a business other than this will get good success, you will never succeed. Only by sticking to your business will you be able to overcome the obstacles in your business and win in the end.

The great benefit of this determination this perseverance is that other people have faith in us and if that happens then what else is not achieved? So our credit grows and we get moral support. People always have faith in people with a definite purpose and They give twice as much help to a man with a definite purpose as they do to a man who works with instability and carelessness and at any time leaves one business and raises the suspicion of catching another or failing. As every man knows, there is little chance that determined men will fail: your dexterity, perseverance, and strong determination make people's hearts believe in their success. Whatever business you do for a living, consider it less important than your character. Give more importance to humanity than status, matter, business, and title. In fact, religious inclination should also be entered in business employment and regularity and diligence of business employment should be entered in religion.

     Choose a business high and study the people in the business you want to pursue. Ask your mind these questions,? Does the character of the people involved in that business enhance that business? Are they big and generous-hearted and intelligent? Does anything have status in society? Can they be of any use to society? Never assume that you will be spared a minor exception to its inferior effects, even if you are involved in some unsuitable business; And once you get into that business, done effection others it won't have the slightest effect on you small. Whatever business you undertake, you will have to become enslaved and enslaved to that business like many others due to the contagion of the business and many others in the business. That business will surely catch you, shape you, and make its mark on you it will not leave you, even if you are determined to avoid it all.

    Despite being expelled from college with high hopes and lofty aspirations, the bright young men with open and generous hearts enter a dubious business and in a few years change so much that they are hardly recognizable. Once that big and generous heart has now become narrow and selfish, that high-spirited man has now become greedy, greedy, stingy, ugly, and harsh. We wonder how a young man with a big and generous heart could have changed so much in just a few years. Now he only knows talk of how to save money! All his public passions and his generosity are destroyed in the petty schemes of obtaining his wealth and he does not care for virtue or anything like that!

    Extensive knowledge and love. It is the adornment of man and the high purpose is the adornment of work.

    Interesting business people, practical people, strong and industrious people build houses on the ground and eccentric people build forts in the air. When eccentric people just imagine getting millions of rupees, practical people put a few thousand rupees in the bank. The whims of an eccentric human being are drenched in dreams, but his pockets are empty when he wakes up. It is easy to dream of millions, but it is difficult to earn a single rupee.

     Do whatever you can to the best of your ability To him give your life, your strength, your zeal, and all that you have. "Only one failure in life is possible," says Captain Ferrar. And that's the kind of work we know we don't do perfectly well.

     Plato says: `Success or achievement or not, men of all ranks must do their duty. What should I do to get immortal success? You should always do your duty.

       As George MacDonald puts it, "the good news is that the only question we have to ask ourselves is what to do next." Every man can do just that; Nothing else can happen.

    Young says that a man can do hand taken as good a work as he can even angels cannot do that.

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