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Where Is Heaven

 Where Is Heaven

Ah! To make even one corner of God's creation especially fertile, beautiful and more dear to God; To make a human being more intelligent, more courageous, more happy, and more luxurious; To alleviate even a little of his grief; It is great to work and there is no other greatness like it.                                                                                                                                                 –Carlyle

From hard work comes health and from health produces joy.                                                –BT

If a human being does not get peace from within, he will never get peace outside.

                                                                                 - French Proverb

That joy getting from standing on the foundation of truth cannot be compared to any other kind of joy.                                 –Bacon

I still can't get rid of the surprise that came to me when I was born in the most precious place in the world and at exactly the right time.                                                                                    –Thauro

Write in your heart that each day is the best day of the year. The day is a more beautiful fabric than muslin. The machine that makes it. It's an infinitely extra trick you cannot hide the hours of cunning, deceit, or that you have pushed into it laziness.                                            –Emerson

True happiness is extremely cheap, Yet fake happiness is what we are given how more many values!                                                                                                                                     -Hosea Bellau

The only truth we need to know one and truth knowable is that the only virtue in the world is happiness.                                                                                                                                            –Pop

Praying to the Lord is the same joy.                                                                                   -Jean Angelo

Health is the main principle of happiness.                                                                                –Tomson

My mind is my kingdom.                                                                                               -Robert Southwell

Indigestion never bothers a happy person. Someone once asked a householder from what work you enjoyed the most in your life. He replied, "A widow was about to sell her furniture because she could not pay the rent, so I went there and paid a small amount of rent to stop her from selling it that was when I had the most special pleasure!" If you let a tear dropped down less on the cheek of a miserable man; If you give to have more than one smile on a human face; So, my friend, your life has not failed.

     "I once had a conversation with a Rosicrucian about a great home," Addison said. He said that this great house makes everything near it perfect. It gives light to the sun and makes the diamond watery. It makes every metal luminous and makes gold out of the lead. It makes flames out of smoke; The flame creates light and reveals great light from the light. The only ray of it that falls on a human becomes the destruction of sorrow and anxiety. Then I realized that "satisfaction" was his "great home".

     All men seek happiness, and society finds so much in its systematic form that many philosophers have declared that happiness is the ultimate goal of all work and all other goals are only forms of that omnipresent goal.

     But alas, in what direction do we seek happiness? Some men look up to him; In some money, in some woman, in some gross senses, he finds it and wherever he believes in it, his imagination adorns it with bright colors. Plenty of people do not search for it in the right place where it is, so it fails to get it. Plenty of other people, not knowing its pure form, get only misery instead of happiness - instead of immortal fruit, they get only the fruit of Indravarna (which looks beautiful from a distance but is like a bitter poison to eat).

     George McDonald states: `An old man lived in a castle with his son. Even though they owned the fort, they were so poor that even bread could hardly be obtained. In that fort, their ancient ancestors buried invaluable ornaments for future use. They were starving because they did not know about their wealth even though they were close to that immense treasure!

In the same way, even if a man is sitting in the middle of all the riches of the world, he dies of starvation because he has not developed his powers of observation or because he does not have the power to see and enjoy the indescribable riches around him. How can the deaf and dumb enjoy the divine music of the fiddle?

     Thousands of people have tried to get honey from beehives without bee stings but they have not succeeded. Nanda Raja found happiness in wealth; Antony found happiness in folklore; Brutus discovered it in glory; Caesar got into the love of state but in this, the first was destroyed and the second was insulted; the third got contempt, and the last got ingratitude; eventually, everyone was destroyed!

     Who is the happy man who has no sorrow? Do you think that the richest are happier? Was that a great lender Rothschild happy? He could not be happy even though the money market of the whole world was in his hands. A man who came to see him, seeing his wealth, said, "You happy must be." am I happy? I? I have just received a letter from a scoundrel living in the previous area stating, "If you don't send me fifty pounds before last night, I will kill you. Tell me, am I happy now?"

     Hundreds of young people in the world believe and believe that all happiness lies in money, But the richest people in the world are giving the opposite opinion.

     Rich people are seldom happy. The wealth has no power to bring happiness. First, the great tool for developing human power, the name of which is requirements, destroys its substance from the offspring of the rich. For it removes self-restraining things; Prevents self-conquest and opens the door to pleasure, addiction, misconduct, and temptation. An industry that keeps the body and mind energized and healthy and removes negligence and destroys its richness. The rich fall victim to laziness.

     Greed robs us of our usefulness, education, character, manhood, and all the truly desirable things of life.

     Achieving abundant wealth and indulging in luxuries is not the tendency of modern man but people of all ages have been trying in vain to get happiness through materialism. Just as sunlight makes develops flowers grow and Makes the fruit mature; In the same way, the light of conscience develops the flowers of life and makes the fruit mature. The soul has become frustrated, sad, depressed; The man who has lost faith in his holiness; The man who does not believe in his own power and his purpose and the man who becomes skeptical and aimless. His life becomes narrow and useless. An angry man creates an ache in his stomach. If a man takes the thorns of a rose and do scratches on his body by them And the man who refuses to smell the rose is ungrateful to God and does hurt himself also. And the man who refuses to smell the rose is ungrateful to God and does hurt himself also.

     If a man loves beauty and seeking it, he gets it in every place. If there is music in his soul, he will listen to music everywhere; Every object in nature will a song will be sung in front of him. Even two people who live in the same house and do the same work may have different worlds. Even though they live in the same house, only one of them sees ugliness and awkwardness. He finds the world hostile and bad; Then everyone else sees beauty and peace everywhere. Everyone loves him; Shows love and no man wants to hurt him. These men see the same object, but they do not see through the same glasses. One man looks through Aries glasses so he feels the whole world is mourning and another man looks through pink glasses so he feels all objects are beautiful and charming. He does not need to vision go to Switzerland to see the Alps mountain. Looking up at the cloud, imagine he does visions of the Alps mountain. When that man is always dissatisfied. Such a satisfied man has been seen by this (American) writer. He was a farmer and grew many kinds of crops. This writer said to him `Sir! This rain will stay very good for the grass. He replied: Yes, perhaps, it may be done so; But the grain will be damaged by it. Half of the grain will be harvested I don't think so. A few days later I met him again and said `Sir! This Sun will be of great benefit to the grain. He said: Yes, but it will be hurt terribly to the barley. Barley has needs cool air. Shortly thereafter, on the morning of a cold day, I met him again. And said that `this air will be of great benefit to the barley.` He said to him:` Yes but it will cause great harm to other kinds of grain and grass; He needs sunshine.

     Any man who wandering for his own happiness have you ever seen someone really happy? And any man who works hard for others' sadness has seen the same man unhappy?

     Someone has rightly said that we should not be confused about two things. In which our remedy can work and in which our remedy cannot work.

     Some people cannot enjoy happiness without taking some of life's sorrows with them. They cannot eat sweets without sacrifices. And one cannot taste it without adding bitterness to the cup of happiness. In this world, there is only one person in the form of happiness who has learned to enjoy happiness not in an ideal state but in a state of attainment  A man who, like a bee, no matter how many flies and stings are flying around you have learned to draw honey from ordinary flowers. A man who knows the essence of happiness perfectly will not wait for ideal coincidences. It gets material he; Get a treaty to try abroad; Great artists will not stop until they can afford to buy works, but they will take the most advantage of the tools they have acquired.

     I have seen some ideal houses. Some houses are seen to be the abode of knowledge, peace, and health; But all those houses belong to the poor. Their houses are not paved with fine carpets laying or there are no precious paintings on their walls, but they are inhabited by contented men-service-minded and selfless men. Each man of them helps to make everyone happy as make as possible. And the loss of poverty is filled with knowledge and kindness. A man who does not consider himself happy can never be happy. as whereas you will not believe unhappy yourself there is nothing that can make you unhappy.

     The whole world has never run according to the will of any man. If you will not move, the burden of other people will be imposed on you; But don't gossip, if you need to do some work and it you can do, do it yourself, never take in your mind why someone else didn't do it. The men who fill in the gaps and flatten the muddy ground and complete the unfinished work of others are the only peace doners and they are worth more to a human being than a group of gossipers.

     No one should ever imagine that a life full of luxuries is happy. "You ask me why I don't stop working," said Russell Sage, who had a wealth of 1.5 million pounds was at the age of 75. If you answer this one question I will say it What else can I do to benefit me so much and keep me in such a good position? `And you cannot answer this question and no man can answer it.

    Like a duck wipe out water from its back, the same way has been wiped out of the worry and Putting the business in the shop comer only men like Philip Armor are truly happy and he is the one who gets the most special success. Wherever we go, if we always carry the burden of business, then all our friends and relatives feel wrong and they get bored. Constant contemplation of sorrow leaves its mark on our faces and destroys its beauty. The worries you return In the house make you feel extra small, extra lightweighter, extra compressed, and extra hostile. With all these worries, your business does not ahead grow even an inch. On the contrary, it is detrimental to the progress of your business due to the destruction of your health. No good deed can be succeeded without health and resilience of the mind and seeing you worried is abandoned by your friends and your customers. Do your work with a smile; No man likes indifference. When someone in your family dies your friends come and comfort you; But no one likes to live in a dead man's house. From an early age, learn to close a business in the office or shop. People get heartbroken not while working but after working time.

     Small anxieties, petty worries, daily small memories that make our lives miserable it does make dim the light of our lives, it does not makes dim as many big worries, big burdens, big troubles, and great calamities. Minor quarrels, petty complaints, petty accusations, petty criticisms, anger, rage, impatience, petty indifference, slander, petty rudeness, and irritable nature produce much unrest and misery in people's homes. On the other hand, small acts of kindness, humility, and the tendency to be timely, helpful, selfless, not to hurt anyone's feelings, to take care, not to open the holes, to ignore the faults of others, and to be thoughtful are such small good deeds makes man happy.

     "Explain that the day we are not laughing is the day we lost in vain," Champherta said. "Laughter is a divine medicine; every man should consume it," said Oliver Wendell Holmes. Hume received the following words from in the article an ancient manuscript of King Edward II of England. The crown that made the king laugh. The Lycargus was dedicated a small statue of the comedian to each Spartan restaurant. There is no such thing as a meal of laughter. Laughter is the greatest enemy of indigestion, Lincoln considered laughter to be his lifesaver and he is also the lifesaver of many other men. Lincoln used to say, "If I don't laugh on occasion, I will die." Addison says: Happiness reduces the burden of disease, poverty, and misery; Turns ignorance into humble simpleness and makes the ugliness interesting too.

      Take a look outside and see how diverse and plentiful tools the world has developed to meet the real needs of its offspring. God has given us so many sufficient and so many special things that we need infinite space to fill them; And it is so diverse and so arranged so high that we want eternity to enjoy this infinite time.

     We can be sad in the midst of victories or happy in the midst of defeats. Happy is the man whose source of happiness is in his distance and whose happiness does not depends on the waves of their peers or on the grace of the authorities.

       A man's mind makes king even in a hut; While the other man's mind makes me miserable even though he lives in the palace. A cheerful and enthusiastic mind turns a nostalgic world into a beautiful paradise. When a man stands in his light, his impression becomes the most special black.

     An ancient theologian said: "Some take us to heaven, but they jab the pins all the road into our bodies."

     The thing that does not make your character generous that does not even increase in your self-sufficiency, never try to find it. Also, never let go of joy and happiness from your heart. Good things are made for enjoyment. No matter where we live, there is no region on earth where nature itself does not constantly perform miracles in front of our vision; There is no desolate place where ideas do not develop and where love does not find the charm. Any object is not ungainly that is not full of full beauty,  here is not any insubstantial land where humans are not residing it is not any terrible place, in which secret variations and attractive things are not filled, but they need to see with subtle sight. Even in dry works, there is some charm so their repulsion is removed.

     There is satisfaction in not adding extra fuel but taking a little fire. There is satisfaction not in increasing wealth but in reducing desire. Do not put so much ghee on the bread that you can't eat it.

    We see lines of fear and anxiety on many faces; Looking for lines of thought in obtaining wealth by tact; But how many lines of happiness and joy do we see on a few faces? Success: Even among the so-called hundred people, there is only one person who is truly successful and satisfied.

    People who always strive for happiness never get it. They forget that the kingdom of heaven lived in our souls. The kingdom of heaven is nowhere else, not in wealth, not in the house, not in earth, not in glory. He does not give or create his own treasures to the selfish seeker.  As well as unclean hands cannot touch the kingdom of heaven. Someone has said that happiness is an inlay work made of very small stones. If one of these stones is to take retail, it is of no value; But when all the stones are collected and arranged properly, it becomes a precious ornament. Heaven is here and nowhere else. Don't go out of the house to find it. If you have indifference and sadness in your mind, you will not find happiness even if you will go walking there. A poet says that `Birds and sunlight are in your heart and springs flow in your own thoughts.

Happy is the man who can say today his own day, who is safe in his distance, and can say `tomorrow! I don't care if you hurt me as much as you want. Because today I have lived.

     The hand can only donate gold, but the heart can donate something that cannot be bought with gold.

     Goodness, cheerful disposition, empathy, full hope, these qualities are so useful to human society that they areas useful as the ocean is stars to the stunned sailors in the dark night. 

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