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Single Aim Possessor Man

 Single Aim Possessor Man

A toolmaker named Ari Davis from Boston asked two men who came to him for advice why are you doing the trouble of making a kneading machine? Why don't you make sewing sets? One of these two men was rich and the other was an inventor. They tried to make a machine for knitting wool but did not succeed. In answer to Davis' above question, the researcher said, "There is a great desire to make a sewing machine, but it cannot be done. Davis said hey it could be done! I will make it myself. Hearing this, the rich man said: `Then you make it so I will give you plenty of material to produce. Davis spoke the above words in mockery, but the new idea entered the mind of a craftsman standing beside him. That artisan was only a young man of twenty years And no one thought he could think so seriously. And in the end, he decided to make a sewing set.

Single Aim Possessor Man

     Sharp edges on both ends of the garment which goes up and down and after months of trying to make the needle in the middle work, he suddenly had an idea. Or other leftovers but it can be taken at the same time with this thought has come he like mad to try to success this trick he deeply felt in starts to do industries. And by toiling day and night finally prepared an awkward sample. Now he was convinced of success. Now the mind could see its own fabulous template through the eye, But his own capital and that of his father who helped him a little too much was imperfect to make him a real working man. Finally, a classmate named George Fisher was in the business of selling coal and wood in Cambridge. By him, he got help from him. He made a condition with him, "I will provide for you and your family's food and give you a hundred pounds, but in return, if Sewing machine chooses to take the patent, give me half of that patent." E. Q. In 1845 sewing machines become ready and in July of that year Elias Hoe m. One for Fisher and sewed for himself one or two woolen garments on his behalf. His sewing work was so strong that the clothes were torn but they did not break. This machine has still maintained. It fills three hundred bucks a minute and is considered more complete than the first sample of any other important discovery. Not one of the millions of sewing machines like this currently in use In which some of the important principles of this first sample have not used.

    Men with the same purpose and action have made big changes in the past. The original idea of a steam engine appears in the writings of Greek philosophers, but that idea developed and implemented only after more than two thousand years! An English blacksmith named Newcomen without any chance of advancing in the seventeenth century gets the imagination was to move an iron knob from a steam engine. But the engine he built use took thirty pounds of coal to produce as much power as a horse. The perfection of the modern engine largely thanks to a poor uneducated Scotch boy named James Watt. At the age of fifteen, this boy was doing heaps of dust on the streets of London to get work, but he could not get work. A professor at the University of Glasgow gave out one room for him to do work. On the one hand, he worked hard to get the job done and on the other hand, he used old bottles as steam containers and poly sticks as hoses. Because even a moment in vain could not be tolerated. He saved almost a quarter of the steam by modifying Newcomen's engine. The vote was so mired in poverty and distress that Ordinary people become so frustrated, But aspirations were rampant. And his courageous wife, Margaret, reassured him, telling him not to pay attention to my discomfort and not to be discouraged. When he was filling bathos in London in the face of the opposite coincidence, his wife wrote that if the engine did not succeed, something else would succeed. So never give up. "I went for a walk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon," Watt said. Even at this time, the idea of an engine was running through my mind. After passing the old hammam (washing house) I suddenly had the idea that steam being an elastic thing would run into an empty space and if it is sent through a tube to an empty container, it will go there and acquire a solid form. The idea was simple, but it contained the seeds of the first practical steam machine. Sir James McIntosh calls this poor Scotch boy, who started his life with a single purpose, the call "crown jewel" of all inventors born in all ages and in all peoples!

    The purpose of a human being who wants to achieve his life's work must be the one; that is to say, covering all his goals and guiding his whole life and he must have a great purpose in controlling it.                                                                                                                          –Beat
     Good work to achieve a great goal is the ultimate beauty and happiness of life. - Jean Angelo
Full faith does not allow a man to be ridiculed.                                                      -John Stuart Mill
    Thoughts spread in the world at a special speed even more than the Spheres of the tank; Thoughts are even more powerful than armies; The principles have achieved even more victory than horsemen and chariots. like this.                                                                                        –Paxton
    Be courageous and do not deviate from the chosen path. Success may stay away from you immediately and people do not get frustrated even if they get angry. I will not even pay attention to the arrow that is left aiming at the exact target, because the success born of endurance will stand by your side in the end.                                                                        – Bryant

     E. Q. On the fourth and Friday of August 1907, a mob gathered in front of the dock on the Hudson River. According to him, a mad man `` Claremont` was ready to put some men in a fireboat and take them to Albuquerque in the Hudson River. And they came together to see the failure of this ridiculous adventure. He said, Has anyone heard the ridiculous thing about traveling in a Sailless boat? One reported that the engine would break down. Another said that the boat would burn down All the people sitting in it will drown. People were screaming as they saw black smoke billowing from the engine's beak and glowing sparks. Because none of them had ever heard of boats run by steams. Every man was of the opinion that the man who spent his money and his time on Claremont is really stupid. And he should be sent to a crazy school But regardless of their opinion, the crew boarded the boat and started emitting plumes of smoke from its engine. The audience said, "This boat will never be able to run against the Flow." But walking against the flow, the boy who said in his childhood that no task is impossible has achieved great success. He gave the world the first transactional fireboat. The wood in Claremont's engine began to burn, smoke billowed from it, and it waving a victory flag against the current of the river and start walking. The people on the shore did not remain wonders a lot to see this scene. They saw a boat sailing against a current without oars or sails surprised, they came ashore. Some saw the smoke coming out of the boat and thought it was on fire; And yet it was running very fast without a sail. The sound of his big fan (water-cutting wheel) added to his amazement. To escape from the clutches of this fiery monster, the sailors of other ordinary boats abandoned their boats and fled home as fast as they could. When the boat reached Jay on the island of Manhattan, the Indians there were become equally terrified. The owners of the sailing ships became jealous of Claremont's owner and he started the industry to make failing. Which harmed the selfness of the people who disregarded and sued Fulton's claim to this innovative discovery, and sued him, But from the success that Claremont had achieved by on fireboats began to be built all over the country. The government also stayed Fulton to building a strong fireboat. The fireboat name felt Fulton the First. He also made a boat for a government that can dive in the water. As a result, his fame spread throughout the improved world. And the ad in 1815 when he died Newspapers then demonstrate mourned their grief through black lines. New York officials wore black mourning bands and His infantry reached the front of Trinity Cemetery until then cannons of honor were fired. The infantry of very few private men was such highly esteemed.

     Dr. Lardner `proved to scientists that a fireboat would never cross the Atlantic Ocean; But e. Q. In 1819, a fireboat named "Savannah" sailed from New York and gave a display on the shores of Ireland. Which task was considered impossible Made it possible? The men on the shore at the time thought the deck of the boat was on fire and sent a ship to rescue him. It is useful for carrying business items even if the upper fireboat traveled without any accidents. This talk was doing accepted after twenty years.

     What a fine example of perseverance and patience Charles Goodyear of New Heaven gives us. He experimented for eleven years in poor condition to make Indian rubber viable. He was imprisoned for not being able to pay the debt. He mortgaged his clothes and his wife's ornaments to get some money to save his children from starvation. Her children had to travel to the fields to collect fuel. He did not have the money to bury a dead child and even when his other children were on the verge of starvation, he was sticking to his goal with utmost patience. At this point, her neighbors were strongly condemning her for not taking care of the family and they called him mad. But after enduring all this, he prepared a rubber with a mixture of sulfur. This rubber is used in five hundred different jobs and more than 60,000 people are engaged in the rubber business! It is not easy to achieve great success in a work which is considered foolish and eccentric by all the people around it, without capital or wealth; But fortunately for human beings, there are always some strong, determined, and courageous people in this world. That those who, even if the whole world has become hostile, are determined to move forward. Success is never achieved by God's act.

    There are still thousands of ideas left in the world, still, all sorts of explorations are not completed. Not all good deeds have been done yet. There are still thousands of mistakes to be corrected that each mistake provides an innovative idea to the independent soul.

     But you ask, `Where do I get ideas? The answer is to keep your mind open, observe, study and think hard and work when an excellent picture is painted in the mind with a lined color then do work.

Single Aim Possessor Man

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